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Måndag, 22 mars I hate the winter, for me, winter is like being imprisoned. I do not like skiing - I'm a runner and a swimmer. This Friday all snow was gone. The spring was finally here, the sun was shining and I was going to look after my parents house on the country, take out my power tools and do some sculpting out on the yard, in the sunshine.
Then, it started to snow, and it didn't stop. It hasn't yet. If I would go outside right know I would get snow up to my knees (and of course, in my shoes, and then I would get cold and then I would have to go and and take a leak five times every hour until my body would thaw again.). Everything I planned to do went down the drain, I couldn't start on those running sculptures I mentioned earlier and I couldn't do much else than shuffle snow and carry logs to the heater. I'm really tired of this place and these winters, I hate when my fingers turn stiff, and I hate that I can't work with what I want to work with half the year because of the cold and the snow, and I have no idea why my parents didn't move to Australia before I was born (they planned to) - I'll never forgive them for staying here. Also since people have to spend the greater part of their money on stuff related to surviving the winter they do not buy much in the way of art. The cold weather also seem to mess up their heads; they become slow, zombie-like, drive their cars so slow as if they belive themselves to live forever and do really weird things such as vote for social democrats and stuff. The day I get the opportunity to get out of here I will never go back. I owe nothing to this place.

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