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Nyland, Sweden April 21st 2005. Call me a simpleton but I prefer the old ones; <rub>Muscat de Alexandrie, Zinfandel and the similar European primitivo variants</rub>.

I went out to my parent's home in Nyland to swap from winter to summer tires on the Corrado. A light rain had just ended and the sun was shining, perfect weather for a 15k run. Fair wind and all the flow in the world all the way to the farpoint of the lap. Just as I then reached the farpoint it started to hail, the hail then slowly turned into something close to a blizzard, head-wind. When I got back I could hardly move my fingers and my eyes were sore and red as if maced.

Before the run when I crossed the lawn I noticed that the grass was burned, that surprised me somewhat since my parents don't usually burn the grass. Later they told me that the new neighbours about half a kilometre away had burned grass a week ago and lost control over the fire which had moved straight towards my parent's house and even more straight towards my toolshop where I not only do my carpentry work but also store most of my art. The fire brigade came - the whole hockey team - and stopped the fire about 7 metres from the closest building. The incident was also mentioned in the local radio news. And I got the news a week later from my parents.
Damn, that insurance money would really have come in handy.

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Strike, Sundsvall, konstkupp.
Sundsvalls Tidning 21 April 2005: Folk kommer säkert att tro det var Beijer. Ni som var med på "Söndagsutflykt" vet bättre.

Headline, local newspaper: "Art coup at the strike monument" - I didn't do it... or did I?

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