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The sculptures Glopack / Stare mob and Smärta i stjärten / Pain in the ass.
Two of the six new sculptures.

2005-05-06 I added six new sculptures to the sculpture section last night. These are in some senses probably the most provocative pieces of art I've made so far. However, my impression of THE growing trend on the Internet is that you can do or say just about anything without getting any reaction at all no matter how many visitors you get to your page. When I first published my art on the Internet back in 1994 I had far less visitors but I got several mails every day from people who found me and my work interesting. Nowadays when I got maybe 20 times as many visitors those kind of attempts of contact are rare. People just look out on the world from inside their private bubbles, quite a few feeling rather unattached I presume. Might it be the fact that the Internet more and more is turning into a parallel dimension (consisting more and more of babble) losing its grip on the real world, the one which houses it - and the one which feeds most of us?

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