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2005-05-13 Today on Friday the 13th, less than an hour ago I heard a loud bang and the whole house shaked. I thought it had been hit by a car or something so I went outside to check. Several of our neighbours had also heard the bang and was out on the street to find find out what was going on. My mother called and wondered if I had noticed the shake, she first believed that their chimney had fallen down, but then a friend of her living another 5k away called and told her that something just had hit her house. My parents live more than 20 kilometres from here. I've now found out that it was actually a small earthquake, measuring about 3 on the richter scale. The epicentre of the earthquake was between the cities Sundsvall (here) and Härnösand, about 50 kilometres north from here. This is really weird. Earthquakes never happen here (besides some rather common minor shakes out in the sea, shakes no one normally notices) geologically speaking this is one of the calmest spots on Earth.

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