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The Draconaut before renovation.

2005-05-26 It's probably summer now, (even if things looked like this one night just a week ago >), and that means that it's time to put the dragons in the Dragon Parade out on display again, and "my" dragon, the Draconaut, is in bad need of renovation.

One night a week ago.

To begin with I fetched it from its winter storage and washed it clean from dust, dried in beer, piss and whatnot. There's quite a lot to fix; The bubble helmet is crushed, the HUD (Heads Up Display) is stolen, there's damage on the paintjob all over and a few holes in the fibre glass - aprox. two days work. Luckily the Draconaut is due to retirement and will not be put out on the street again but will instead

be put on display in Cybercom's show-window. In order to fit in the window the dragon's footing must be removed, which I did today. I also made a new HUD in polycarbonate.
Fibre glass dust sure know how to itch.

(To be continued)

Later in the evening it was time for my princess, M, to participate in "Vårruset" - translates as "The Spring Rush" -

Vårruset - Sundsvall
The green arrow indicates M.

an annual 5 kilometres rather laidback run for women only. She has joined me on some of my runs for the past months and I've somewhat coached her for this event, this was the first time she managed to run the entire 5k. She didn't win though, even if I believe her capable of that in the future.

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