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Thursday, 26 May 2005

Cure acne - get rid of pimples

You do not get acne from chocolate or strong spices. Or, yes, you will get acne from chocolate, but not because you eat it. You get pimples because you touch yourself in the face when you eat chocolate. When you poke around in your face with dirty fingers - you might have a habit of leaning your head against your hand or stroke your chin when you think - you are massaging bacteria and dirt into sensitive pores which will then turn into pimples.
You could also suffer from acne as a symptom of (usually) intestinal problems. If you get pimples in symmetrical patterns in your face, especially along the jawlines, it can be either a symptom of IBS - Irritated Bowel Syndrome - colon irritabile, that you stress to much and thus upset your stomach, or that you eat things that aren't good for you - or all of those alternatives. The article on heartburn might help you put a stop to such acne.
Follow these advises in order to get rid of pimples:
  • Stop touching your face. See to that areas where you have acne aren't covered or irritated by shirt-collars or caps - especially not dirty such.
  • Do not dry out the skin. Do not wash your skin with dehydrating anti-acne solutions. Such solutions cause the skin to produce more fat which in turns increases the risk of blocking the skin's pores.
  • Wash your face with pure water only - do not use soap or alcohol based solutions. Do not rinse your face with cold water after shaving in order to "close the pores" - rinse with skin warm water and let the pores breathe instead.
  • Do not shave yourself the wrong way. Shave in the same direction as the hairs grow. If you shave in the opposite direction you will cut off small pieces of the skin which is lifted up with the hairs. The sore skin will then probably get infected - it's far better with bristles than red pus-filled spots.
  • Carefully squeeze pus-filled pimples. It's more likely that you will get worse scars from suppurations that are left to heal for themselves than from cleaned out "craters". Do use lots of disinfectants though and powder the wound with non-scented baby powder or similar in order to keep it dry and clean.
  • Use a skin lotion which contains carbamide in order to keep your skin moisturized after you washed yourself. Carbamide tunes your skin's moisture balance in a natural way. Eventually you could mix in some weak cortisone-gel if your skin is irritated.
  • Sunbathe. Adequate exposure to the sun helps the body to create vitamin D which is good for the immune system.
  • Exercise and take a sauna. The skin needs to sweat - don't be afraid of that - in order to get clean in depth.
Follow the advices above and you will most likely have much less trouble with acne and pimples. It's never necessary to spend large sums on miracle promising anti-acne cures - none of them work other than that they temporarily dehydrate the skin which will eventually worsen your problems.
And remember - the pimple is always worst in the mirror you are looking in.
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Posted by: lil weave 2006-04-18

hey there, seen your site thought it was great. keep on keepin on. peac3 ONE LIL WEAVE


Posted by: danny 2006-07-26

hello, "your getting rid of spot" thing is really helpful thanks for that


Posted by: maxmagnumnorman 2006-12-11

u spelled commentor wrong... oh and the headace thing actually WORKS o_o o_o o_o amazing


Posted by: Sarah 2006-12-16

i have been getting pimples and some rare spots latly and i cant seem to get rid of them, it just causes redness they are around my nose on the cheeks. i will try your advice and get back to you. Thank You


Posted by: jessica 2007-01-20

ok ughm i just want to tell yo that this whole thing abt acne is all wrong


Posted by: nicky 2007-01-20

well it worked just fine for me, makes me wonder what acne prudcts u do sell jessica?


Posted by: Jojo 2007-01-26

Clear Pores Review - Acne Stop


Posted by: acne hugger 2007-01-27

I love pimples! Why would you want to get rid of them! you crazy people! they add texture and o my...i love the look of them! especially when they're large and take up your whole nose! don't even try to get rid of acne! SAVE ACNE! It's a natural part of trees! I'm an acne hugger! thankyou and goodbye! - the acne hugger!


Posted by: jasmin 2007-03-28

im very much disappoited with my pimples, i want to visit any derma clinic but i dnt have enough money to pay. thats why i want in a natural way in curing pimples. pls help me


Posted by: Mere Levaci 2007-04-26

This is realy a good site,i've always wanted to know hoe to cure this stuff on my face so am glad to log in to this site...kip up!


Posted by: James Gill 2007-06-11

Hi, great site.
i am a bit confused about the shaving one.
Which way does the hair grow??


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-06-11

Don't know about you, but it usually grows down, towards the feet according to my experience.


Posted by: shaline 2007-06-12

I was so depressed about my skin so am goin to try your tips. Thank you


Posted by: joey 2007-07-16

ive been trying get rid of my spots for ages now and nothing has worked so im goin try your suggestions and ill get back to you.


Posted by: sheryl 2007-07-20

my pimples are actually occasional, at one point they're present and at some other point they're not.. really is a pain in the ass when they start appearing again! grr..


Posted by: faith 2007-09-18

cool site i guess keep doing th gd work!


Posted by: v.jashva 2007-09-26



Posted by: Charity 2007-11-03

this is cool. you are a genorous person to care about all of the above. well. i will try it and see what happens.thx.


Posted by: husaina 2007-11-09

thnx for the adivce!...could anyone tell me how can i cure my pimples with natural herbs...??


Posted by: Filthy Hobo 2007-11-17

Pimples are wonderful! I have pimples! they're cool! I have them on my face, back, butt, stomach, hair, feet, nose, hands, teeth, brain, tongue, fingers, heart, legs, toes, boogers, poop, pee, homework. Even my friends have acne! Everything I touch has pimples. Like my house, car, floor, people, air, oxygen everywhere. Yes, the oxygen has pimples! So what? I don't care if you hate them. You guys are gay. Pimples are cool and get you a million girls. (The girls have pimples) ((EVERYWHERE))!!!
Anyway, pimples are awesome and make you cool. boys and girls without pimples are just stupid, fat, lazy, gay, lazy, fat, and lazy. They're all poopheads. Seriously though, you all are gay. Why are you trying to get rid of them? I love theM! Give your pimples to me! I'll get more girls. with pimples.
You guys will just get more boys with pimples (girls for girls with pimples). I'm here with my 70 girlfriends and they're all making out with all my pimples that are really big! eat them AAAALLLL!


Posted by: emmanuel 2007-12-03

i hope this works becouse i am looking forward to try it


Posted by: DregZ 2007-12-14

it really helps; thanks for the advice....

i really want to cure my pimples on a natural way,
so i do not need to spend more money, instead.


Posted by: Kristen 2008-01-02

Me and my sisters clean our skins with cold water after using a pimple solution. It cured our pimples up in a week. My sister had it way worse than me with tons of pimples all over her face. So I think its wrong not to use pimple solutions. Only most of them. Cold water after and let it breathe don't dry it. It still lets it breathe while closing it up cleanly.


Posted by: Ken 2008-01-02

Kristen: just kurious, why look for a remedie when your problem is solved?


Posted by: -_- 2008-01-17

acne hugger is funny -_- .V,


Posted by: emmanuel 2008-01-26

i have problems with pimpls over three years now i have use most everything ad also spend a lot of money but no solution. could you please tell me what i can do to cure my pimples.


Posted by: HI 2008-03-03

Please i have a lot of pimple of my face and i want to cure it.


Posted by: shah raees 2008-03-05

I am shah raees
i am facing the problem of face pimples apearing, whick are very painful. due to this problem the black signs of pimples rimaining on my face. that is why my face is looking very fade.
please kindly suggest me a madecine.
i shall be thank full


Posted by: niyi odusanya 2008-03-12

i hate pimples so what can i do to cure them


Posted by: osibona simisola 2008-03-17

dats rily cool, the touching your skin stuff is inportant 2. wat i feel is y shld nt a person use soap. its a means of cleanin the skin.


Posted by: krystal claire 2008-05-21

my pimples start in my
menstruation. its adolecense pimples. i always wash my face, but my pimples always coming back. until now.


Posted by: krystal claire 2008-05-21

in philippines pimples is BUGAS......ty.add me in friendster....mail


Posted by: Kim 2008-06-05

i went on the contriceptive pill now i have clear skin, i even lost weight on this pill. but i drink lots of green tea.


Posted by: mukesh batra 2008-06-17

its good i dnt kno whether it will work or not but seems to be nice. newaz thanx


Posted by: bubbly 2008-06-29

well some of u guys r crazy im a teen aand i got pimples which i hate so u guys should not act like retards coz pimples arent cute or hot 4 that mattr but thanx for the article it helped


Posted by: vrunal 2008-08-11

I am caring too much for my pimples but still my pimples are not getting off. Please tell me the simplest therepy by which I can get rid off from my Pimples..


Posted by: leah 2008-10-26

oh my god this stuff does not work
the advise that it say 'do not use cold water' do use cold water i am a doctor listen to me not people like this
when i was young i had lots of spots but you just see the local g.b


Posted by: Dr. Feelgood 2008-10-26

It actually says "Wash your face with pure water only". That is an excellent advice against pimples.


Posted by: coolguuy 2008-12-08

my chin get a lot of pimples men........... izzit really useful to use correct cleanser/should go for detox............i felt very stress bout having pimples..


Posted by: hell no 2009-01-18

if you REALLY wanna get rid of pimples buy ancefree. it's the proactive wannabe and it works like crazy. secondly, use an exfoliator once a week (if your skin is normal) twice if it is oilier than most. also, apply your acne meds right before you go to bed. it helps cause your body does most of it's healing at night while you are sleeping.

Bacne- if you have it on your back buy a brush so you clean back there better and it will help. do you exercise alot? your 'backne' problems could be because of the materials you wear when you go running or head out to soccer practice. use man made materials (like mesh, etc) that are created by sports brands (nike, puma, other trustable sources) they are designed to pull sweat away from your body thus keeping your pores clear.

Is your skin really dry? try putting on a moisturizer right after you hop out of the shower.


Posted by: Brian 2009-03-03

Hry my dad used dawn dishwashing soap to cure his acne and it really worked so my brother did it and it worked. so if this method doesnt work try mine really its working for me!


Posted by: Brian 2009-03-03

can whoever owns this site answer my question, so i know wat you think, i mean whoever wrote about the remedies


Posted by: Max Magnus 2009-03-03

Dishwashing soap might work for some but I wouldn't recommend it generally since there's a big risk that it dries out the skin too much making the body trying to compensate this by making the pores produce even more fat.


Posted by: Brian 2009-03-06

Thanx for the answer


Posted by: Chris-Acne hater 2009-03-06

Oh i also was wondering if steam would help open up the pores and relax so maybe you can use that?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2009-03-07

Sure, steam is good, saunas are good.


Posted by: Orator Ifeanyi 2009-05-08

Is pimple hereditary and can it be treated by constant washing of the face with antiseptic soap?


Posted by: Anna 2009-09-20

Hi, this site is really helpfull, thanks :D


Posted by: jaygurl 2010-03-12

the heartburn thang is really good thnks<3


Posted by: Manishka 2011-02-08

Veyr nice site.but for pimples which i have dealth with all my life and won over here are my tips
1-Visit a dermatologist
2-Keep your skin clean
3-Avoid sun exposure
4-Do not cake yourself with make up.Let your pores breadth
5-Use a mild facewash
6-Dont eat sugary, oily or starchy food
7-get some exercise
8-Useonly lukewarm water to wash your face


Posted by: Anubha garla H.P. 2011-10-16 are doing a great job, and that headache
thing really works


Posted by: Liza Zacher 2011-11-30

The most straightforward, useful information I have ran into so far. This is an excellent reference for certain health problems! Thank You


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