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Thursday, 26 May 2005

Tired eyes? Hyperopia? Myopia? Eye training: Exercise your eyes and see better - perhaps you also will be able to get rid of your glasses and loose some headache in the deal

It's not unusual that visual defects and headache is the result of people using their eyes in the wrong way and that they never exercise their eyes. To sit for hours and stare into a book or a computer screen at the same distance and from the same angle is for the muscles of the eye the same thing as it is for the legs to sit still on an aeroplane or a train for several hours - the problem is that people in today's society have gotten used to this eye torment and take hardly no notice of it. This has gone so far that for some the muscles of the eye are so stiff that they rather turn the whole head than just the eyes when seeing something in the periphery.
The eyes needs training, and if you utilize the following simple exercises it might even happen that you can discard your reading glasses after a while.
Do like this:
  • The first part of the eye exercise is good for the muscles surrounding the eyeball. Look at something on the right in your field of vision. Keep your eyes on that object and turn your head to the left as far as possible without loosing sight of whatever you've choose to look at. Do the same thing but in reverse; fix your stare at something on the left and turn your head rightwards as far as you can. Repeat the procedure in all directions; up and down and in the four diagonal directions. Repeat the entire exercise a few times.
    The first times you perform this exercise you will probably experience some pain and perhaps even headache and nausea - but those symptoms will disappear in time and are signs that you really are in need of this exercise. But be careful.
    It might be a good idea not to perform this exercise on the bus or in similar circumstances - people might believe that you are having a seizure of some kind.
  • The second part of the eye training prevents the lens of the eye from getting stiff and exercises the small muscles inside the eye which shape the lens and thus help you focus on things you look at. Hold up your finger in front of you and focus on it. Move the finger towards you as close as you can get without loosing focus. Then look outside the window and focus on the horizon. Repeat a few times.

Eye training

Many visual defects such as myopia - short-sightedness - and hyperopia - long-sightedness are a result of that the eyeball is not perfectly spherical. Many times myopia is the result of the growth of the brain which has "flattened" the eyeball from behind. The exercises described above might if practised regularly help shape the eyeball into a more spherical shape and thus also improve your sight.

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Posted by: Dina 2006-04-11

It's simple. It works. I actaully do not need my glasses anymore. Thanks


Posted by: Deepak Subedi 2006-06-21

Plz send me the free course of curing myopia


Posted by: Max Magnus 2006-06-21

There's nothing to send, the exercises described above are all there is. Used regularly they will, as all healthy physical training, keep your eyes fit and slow down their aging process.


Posted by: Kakashi 2006-06-23

um, my right eye can't see very far and clear. but my left eye is just perfect. what should i do to see better with my right eye?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2006-06-24

The exercises will not worsen things, if you haven't trained your eye muscles before your sight will most likely improve, even if your strength of vision is different for your eyes. However you should let a doctor check that "bad" eye of yours.


Posted by: fawad 2006-06-27

my far eye sight is not good cant see properly can u plz tell me some excerise so that i do it and am able to see again without glasses


Posted by: Max Magnus 2006-06-27

Try the exercises described above for a few weeks, if nothing improves then go and see a doctor.


Posted by: Dina 2006-07-16

do i do this exercises with glasses or NOT???


Posted by: Max Magnus 2006-07-16

Begin to try without, if that is too uncomfortable then put your glasses on. Note that if these exercises have effect on you you might have to adjust your glasses sooner or later.


Posted by: Rowan Seymour 2006-07-29

amazing this works really well thanks


Posted by: suketu 2006-08-11

i have more than -5 no.in both my eyes. i want eye exercise so that i can reduce it.


Posted by: lucy 2006-11-01

ur awesome at this stuff you should be a pro lol and thanks you've really helped me get rid of headaches and acne. THANKS bye


Posted by: Nics 2006-11-05

Thanks a lot! This is what just i need! i tried this and i think my eyes are happy lol (^_^),,, thanks and also for the other tips, ,.GoodLuck! and GodbLESS!


Posted by: mahdi 2006-12-26

I wanted to say that eyes are just like your legs if you exercise them they will become strong and they will remain in a good condition . I am a absolutaly sure that eye exercises will improve any kind of eye refractions and it is the best


Posted by: SHAUN 2007-01-08



Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-01-09

FFS! The "course" is the text above!


Posted by: Karl Abrahams 2007-01-23

I get very tired while reading, and fall asleep very easy at my PC at work while reading a long essay. Will the exercises help me to stay awake.


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-01-23

If the reason behind your tiredness is tired eyes in need of exercise, then; yes, most likely. Otherwise; no.


Posted by: BAD EYES...or fruitcake? 2007-01-27

Exercises...for the eyes? AMAZING! I'm shockED and amazED...and would like to know though..would eating fruitcake help? I wonder..because i don't eat fruitcake and my eyes are bad. Please tell me! SOOON! -fruitcake hater


Posted by: kunga 2007-02-09

i got a problem for my eye since i came to India, i am Tibet as a refugee. the problem is my eyes can't look into somebody's eyes straight. if you can give me some eyes trainings i would be happy and grateful. kunga


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-02-09

The eye-exercises I have to offer is the article above.


Posted by: binisha gurung 2007-03-14

my eye prob is thatmy both eye hav diff power that is -..so i hav difficult in seeing far object...n even some time due to high power i hav severe headche..n even my power increases everyyear...so plz tell me wat should i do?????????????


Posted by: Omar 2007-03-29

how much of minutes i do this exercises a day and how long i do it 2 week or 3 to see improve ???


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-03-29

Just repeat the exercises a few times, each session no more than two minutes.


Posted by: william 2007-04-18

I am presently doing eye exercises to try to improve my vision. I created a blog where I record my progress with the exercises. You can check it out at: http://improvingmyeyesight.com/blog


Posted by: VR 2007-04-18

Looks like somethings i should try it i am going to make for my self a new glass if this wont help before few months ago i finished a book (How to read fast) and it just screwed up my eyes :X , Maybe this could help me :} So thanks :D and btw can you send me the free courses? (Dont tell me they are above) :p


Posted by: Tegshee 2007-05-17

I'm working in PC during day, i want to learn eye exercise once a day


Posted by: saima 2007-06-22

the article is written nicely..i will try these exercises for sure as they appealed me.


Posted by: Andrew 2007-06-28

Thanks for the great tips on your website, seem to be helping me... keep up the great work!


Posted by: girl 2007-07-04

Hey Max, how long do you exercise your eyes for? 25-30 minutes/ or just like 4 about 10 minutes? and if i use the comp everyday and do excercises righjt after will that have any effect on my sight?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-07-04

Just a few minutes, even less, will cause improvements.


Posted by: girl 2007-07-05

Hi again =], when i do the excercise my eye ball sumtimes hurts or in other words feels wierd..is this okay? & thank you very much.


Posted by: Annu 2007-08-20

Hi. My son ,who is 6 years old is having lazy eye.can u recommend some exercise. doctor has already given him specs. His left eye is lazy .


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-08-20

No, I haven't got the knowledge to advice you on that matter. But the exercises above won't hurt.


Posted by: Scott 2007-09-16

I came looking for a way to get rid of my headache and the exercises worked in about five minutes. Thank you for posting this information.


Posted by: Dan 2008-01-11

Hi Max,

Thanks for the tip! After just a couple of sessions, my eyes are feeling less tired staring at a computer screen all day.


Posted by: Ken 2008-02-09

thx alot for the advice, but i'm wondering if there is a certain age that this exercise won't work. I heard that myopia can be stabilize at a certain age, will this exercise help even when it's stabilize?


Posted by: rucha 2008-05-29

i use to have headaches inspite of wearing glasses


Posted by: madhuri 2008-06-13

my daughter is having hyperopia.
REVn 6/18 c 5.5/ 1.50DC*90degree 6/9-
LEVn 6/36 c 5.5/2.00DC*90degree 6/18-

The doctor has given the glasses. After 6 months also there is no improvement.
Now he has given the extersize of eye patchers like closing one eye for one week and other one week.
Pl advise us


Posted by: Siddharth 2008-07-09

Very nice execise.Everyone should try it


Posted by: Ankit Kumar Srivastava 2008-07-12

these exercises are really very effective in improving vision and making the eyes relaxed...


Posted by: Jack 2008-08-18

For the first time my eyes hurt is that normal?


Posted by: sneha 2008-08-24

i have to less the power of my eye


Posted by: rawle 2008-09-28

everything you say sound plausible and would will try them out-except that I don't understand why you would myopia is a result of the brain compressing the eye anteriorly when the the eye is completed enclosed in the bony orbit and separate from the brain-pretty hard bone -So that theory of eye ball lengthening is not plausible


Posted by: non 2008-09-28

rawle: The bones in the scull are soft when they grow and take shape somewhat after their content.


Posted by: rawle 2008-09-29

that may be true coming out of the womb, but many people develop these refractive disorders AFTER the bones have ossified. I recently dissected the eyes on a cadaver by breaking through the roof of the orbit (above which, sits the frotal lobes of the brain) -I observed that bone is indeed hard diploic (our major tools were a chisel and a mallet), and the bones of the other walls are just as solid. I therefore find the explanations of the ciliary muscle not relaxing fully or lens losing elasticity, etc more plausible.


Posted by: mario 2008-10-07

one question about the second part.

focus it with boths eyes, or shut one, and focus with the other and at the end, you shut the trained eye and train the other?!
otherwise, you will going to be cross-eyed.


Posted by: sri 2008-10-31

my right eye can't see very far and clear. but my left eye is just perfect. what should i do to see better with my right eye?


Posted by: TOISHAB JYOTI GOHAIN 2009-01-14

i want to improve my eyesight.Could please assist me.I am suffering from myopia


Posted by: Pankaj kumar 2009-02-08

Sir, I am suffering from myopia. My eye power is -5.0D in both eyes. So, Please send me free full course for improving my eyesight. Before it, I have spent 4 to 5 thousands for eye improvement tools, but I was making foolish. So, If I will benefit from your course, I promise you that I will donate you a lot of money as you required. Please you help me to improve my poor eyesight so that I am able to see whole world without spaculators. Thanks.


Posted by: mohit 2009-03-14

max can i try these exercises only if my right eye is weak.. i mean do i have to block the correct eye n practice on weak eye only


Posted by: mohit 2009-03-14

hello max, i find your eye exercises article extremely good. however i have a query. my left eye is PLANO but my right eye is -0.5.. So can i exercise these exercises on both the eyes or do i need to block my left eye and dp it on right eye only.. please suggest


Posted by: Max Magnus 2009-03-14

Exercise both eyes simultaneously.


Posted by: Boy 2009-04-12

I'm 11 & wearing glasses can these help me get rid of glasses


Posted by: Dodi 2009-04-18

Will this exercise help align the eyes? my right eye get a bit dis-aligned when I'm really tired, just late night when i'm really tired (but it's usually normal in daytime).

will this exercise help?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2009-04-18

Dodi: The exercise will probably make things a little bit better, but what you need when you are really tired is rest and sleep - no exercises in the world will replace that need.


Posted by: Boy 2009-04-19

Max you still haven't answered my question


Posted by: Max Magnus 2009-04-19

Boy: If you haven't done this before then these exercises will most likely improve your eyesight, and *might* help you get rid of your glasses.


Posted by: john 2009-05-04

Hi, which exercise is for myopia? is it all of that exercises u mentioned above? or just some certain exercise


Posted by: arshad kabir 2009-05-10

i am a banking associate i feel very much uncomfort when i study. when i stretched my eyes i look distant objects clearly. my eyes no. is-3 and it was one year back-2.5 so it is incresing day by day. so please tell me in detail about eye exercise with diagram


Posted by: Blind man 2009-05-17

Do these exercises work for astigmatism?


Posted by: hey 2009-05-24

hey max l been doing your exercise and l was wondering how long would it take untill my eyes are perfect l got myopia and currently my eyes are 3.5 degrees reply back plz


Posted by: jay 2009-06-08

hey max l been doing your exercise and l was wondering how long would it take untill my eyes are perfect l got myopia and currently my eyes are 3.5 degrees reply back plz


Posted by: john 2009-06-17

Max, did these exercises help u? or if u know this would help because one of ur friends or some1 that have done this to get rid of the myopia? please response.. thanks


Posted by: john 2009-06-24

you havent answered my question man.. please tell me


Posted by: Max Magnus 2009-06-24

It's a question that actually can't be answered. I don't know, but I have no problems with my sight and most of my close relatives need glasses and I suspect that one of the reasons that my sight has stayed intact is due to regular exercise.


Posted by: Justin 2009-06-24

During the first exercise, I quickly lose the ability to maintain strict focus on the object as my head turns. I can still see the object, but it is no longer the focus of my attention. I find that as my head turns my eyes begin to focus on other objects, but my real focus is still on the pen (the object I used), it's just that the focus area of my eye can't possibly (or, I don't think it can possibly) maintain the sort of focus it could when the object was much closer to the focal point of my field of vision. What I'm wondering is whether this is just how everyone is, or if maybe I'm going too far out of my field of vision (since I can't maintain strict focus on the object as my head moves to the extremes of my visual field).


Posted by: Max Magnus 2009-06-24

You do not need to see the object in your periphery sharply, you only need to aim your sight at it as accurate as you manage to. The exercise is similar to the gymnastic exercise were you stand up with your legs straight trying to reach your toes; it doesn't really matter if you reach your toes - you still get the exercise needed.


Posted by: Progandother 2009-07-12

I've been trying the excercises now for two days. So far the results are rather unpredictable. Sometimes my short sightedness gets better and other times it generally seems worse. Is this due to the exercises tiring the eye? Is this normal?


Posted by: mo 2009-07-14

it was really a very useful advice, actually the first eye exercise is something very different from what i have come across. hope kit works on my problem


Posted by: Paulius 2009-08-14

When doing second i dont feel anything, is this noraml? And how many exercises i should do everyday? It wont get worse if i do it too often right?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2009-08-14

Do the exercises when you feel like they are needed, twice a day or so. There's no risk doing them too often, it's the same principle as when moving and exercising any muscles in your body. Some results will come instantly and some will take a few weeks to become apparent.


Posted by: Paulius 2009-08-14

Thanks for the reply max magnus, but i also wanted to know is it normal that i dont feel anything when doing second exercise?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2009-08-14

It might be that you already use your eyes in a manner that keeps the eye muscles in shape.


Posted by: Sarah 2009-08-19

Thanks, for the article, If you want a detailed program, please feel free to visit this website:



Posted by: Idris 2009-12-20

Well i will try... anyways.. i just want to share my experience having this kind of eye problem. It was all due to excessive stare to computer monitor. i lost the balance and i am in seeing-trouble...


Posted by: Zaki 2010-03-25

Thanks for the advice. I will try this training soon


Posted by: raitis 2010-04-09

i'm sick of my stupidly seeing eyes :(


Posted by: Jack 2010-05-12

On The First Lesson , how far the object from My eyes ?
Better looking a near or far object ?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2010-05-12

Jack: The distance isn't that important; make it a comfortable one, an arm's length will work well.


Posted by: ecson 10-6-10 2010-06-11

I THINK THAT this exercise really helps and that everyone should give it a try because when i did this i got dizzy by the way does this excercise should i do it with my glasses or with out them?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2010-06-14

If it's not too uncomfortable then try without glasses.


Posted by: BB 2010-07-22

This is useful.


Posted by: Deepak sharma 2010-08-08

I am 20 years old ,i have myopia of -7.0 .how can i right it as soon as possible. Sir, please say me.


Posted by: himanshu 2010-10-28

i have a problem of longsightdness, will u please tell me some exercises so that i can cure it in a short time interval.


Posted by: Erica 2011-02-19

Does this help with astigmatism?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2011-02-19

Cure - maybe, improve - probably, but it will probably take quite some time.


Posted by: Guy 2011-02-26

i don't recommend this.although it may help fix your eyes the first part of the exercise makes you sick for the whole day. i almost vomited after doing this


Posted by: Deeksha 2011-04-24

it's just fantastic.I, d advise all myopics to do these exercises


Posted by: Garet 2011-05-05

it must have suked to ansewer all them ansewers since 2006. I'm 13 and just got a eye exam and got around age 20/45 score and it really suks so i have to get glasses and they all will look ugly so do you think this will help because i really dont like them please help?!!!


Posted by: prabhu 2011-06-03

Presently i'm wearing specs. I have plann'd to go for laser surgery but let me try this as my last hope !!
will keep updated :)


Posted by: prabhu 2011-06-06

2 DAYS PAST : I can able to see my mirror image without the help of glasses ! (I started avoiding glasses in my daily routine)


Posted by: Mike 2011-07-08

Interesting! I will try it, thank you. Regards, Mike 07788100177.


Posted by: arpit 2011-08-17

i am14 years of age and i have -4 eyesight . please tell that how much time i need to perform these execises a day and what would be the maximum time for me to restore my normal vision


Posted by: Mike 2011-08-25

Some of these comments are just plain insane. Read the text above and practise. Makes notes in a journal. That's all there is.


Posted by: JitendraPatil 2011-09-12

high brightness and continues air, is not tollerated by my eyes starts paining internally, and my eyes are mostly dry, it tears very rearlly so what is the exercise or the treatment for the same, hope will get the best solution from u, , didnt cured after meeting many eye spacialist.


Posted by: sumai 2011-12-14



Posted by: Alok Prabhakar 2012-02-02

Really an informative text. please also provide more exercises for the eyes.


Posted by: Ann 2012-02-13

Hi! Thx for the tips on improving eyesight. I sit infront of the pc a lot, and the thing is... my left eye is excellent, but my right eye sees abit blurry in the distance and also much darker than the left one. How much do you recommend one do these excercises each day?


Posted by: Hab 2012-02-19

Hey, I was curious as to your knowledge about whether this could reverse such issues as recently developed mild near/farsightedness instead of preventing it?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2012-02-19

Just try and see :)


Posted by: dj gibbs 2012-03-05

this exercise is good... I like it! I will try it now onwards and will be submitting my comments later.....


Posted by: Kelvin Yang 2012-09-04

Wow! this helped me a lot. My visual acuity improved to 6/9 which used to be 6/12. Thank you very much! May God bless you.


Posted by: ashik 2012-11-14

I dnt knw it works or not .i have just started it ... i have 0.56 in 1 eye and 0.25 in othr ..short sightness .. mainly wen seeng projected notes on wall .....


Posted by: pan 2012-11-25

Stop asking fot excersises u idiots in comments the text above tells u how to excersise ur eyes omg either u r blind or have rly bad eyes


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