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Thursday, 26 May 2005 Some of my friends thinks I've got a few handy methods to cure common nuisances and believe that I ought to share these methods. Not that it has much to do with art, but OK then:

Cure / get rid of headache without pills - simple pain relief.

Headache is almost never located in the brain. There is actually not much ability at all to sense pain in the mass of the brain - surgeons do for instance not use anaesthetics on the brain when they perform brain surgery. Headache is almost always located in the muscles of the head - caused by tension built up during long time in these muscles. You can perform a simple self-test by pressing with your fingers on certain locations on the head.

The two most common physical locations of headache are located at the places where the jaw-muscles are attached, right behind the jaw below the ears and at the temples. You should not feel any pain if you apply pressure on these two spots (see illustration) and are completely relaxed. It will though hurt quite a lot I presume, especially at the spot behind the jaw - this is a condition that people in common sadly enough has gotten used to as something completely natural.
In many martial arts disciplines there actually are grips that takes advantage of these spots in order to neutralize or even paralyze adversaries.

Such tricks has no effect on balanced individuals. The cause of this pain is that you clench your teeth - stiff upper lip - and you need to do some exercises in order to put an end to that behaviour so that you can get rid of your headache at its origin. This is what you should do:

  • Be observant and never let your rows of teeth meet each other any other times than when you are chewing something. There's no need to go around gaping like a fish - it's easily achievable to keep your lips closed without letting the teeth meet each other - but a small ventilation hole makes things easier.
  • Open your mouth wide and rotate the jaws from time to time. Snapping, crackling and clicking sounds from the jaws are usually nothing to worry about, it might even hurt some in the beginning - but that will cease in time.
  • Shoulders in level with your ears? Drop them and make rotating movements with them. ...The shoulders, not the ears - but it did indeed look quite impressive I must admit.
  • Are you always knitting your brows? Stop that.
  • Tip your head slowly to the sides and stretch out the muscles of the neck.
  • To massage the aching spots works temporarily if you also at the same time try to figure out where you got to relax in order to get rid of the pain more permanently.
  • Exercise. The human body needs physical work. Nothing is better against physical tension than running uphill a ski-slope for instance. Painful in the beginning but a pleasure after a while when you realize that you can make it - and to be able to run up a ski-slope is self-esteem and prestige everywhere.
  • Drink enough water - but not too much. Headache is also often a result of dehydration, but also the opposite, that some nowadays drink too much water and thus dilute the nutrient fluids in the body causing abstinence of sorts.
Even headache due to abstinence can be partly cured with the methods above since abstinence headache caused by for instance lack of coffee mainly sits in the same tensed spots as described above. Headache due to lack of coffee is no reason to stop drinking coffee though. Coffee contains lots of antioxidants and it's also rumoured that coffee might work preventive against some neurological diseases, such as parkinson's for instance.

Another common cause of headache are tensions in the muscles of the eye. See previous post for advice on how to tackle such.
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Posted by: nikki 2005-11-12

oh my goodness...your headache cure thingies worked so good. i was practically dying with a stupid really stong headache and i was looking around on the internet trying to find something to cure it (not medicine).((and by the way, staring at a computer screen really does nothing to help a headache, surprise surprise)) and i found your site. its awesome. so im just saying thanks A LOT...and you rock :)

(from the guestbook)


Posted by: sasi 2006-01-04

I've accidently found your site ,simple -amaizing -useful
Thanks .
Easpecially tips on headache are simply superb.Thanks .
Good lUCK.

(from the guestbook)


Posted by: Marcus Haley 2006-04-18

i want brenda!!!! i want brenda


Posted by: fahim 2006-05-13

it does not work very much


Posted by: MKJ 2006-06-13

Wow, This worked really well! Thankyoooou!


Posted by: Nia 2006-06-13

I got serious migranes lately.. this really helped especially when I slowly tilted my head side to side it made it go away so quickly after I heard that rewarding crack. Bless You, Nia F.


Posted by: Kakashi 2006-06-23

wow. your cures and ideas stuff saved my life! now i can work faster and not slow down cause of these headaches. this is brilliant!


Posted by: Sam 2006-06-30

Wow, I have been wriggling around on the floor as this headache was so painful. And then after 30 seconds of reading this, I was cured of my headache! Thanks a bunch!


Posted by: Hal 2006-08-30

Thanks so much, this really helped the worst headache I'd had in a long time, better then pills.


Posted by: Melinda Myers 2006-09-06

Thank you for the usefull information


Posted by: Eric Wargowsky 2006-10-07

I had such a bad headache i was not able to walk. I found your website and it helped alot


Posted by: Kyle 2006-10-09

This is shit it just makes it worse if u apply pressure u dumbass!!!


Posted by: Chelsea and Kyra 2006-10-13

okay so... it only helps for a second. then it comes rushing back...


Posted by: bill gates 2006-11-10

Oo I used the method where you poke yourself behind the jaw it seemed to work :)


Posted by: Esperance 2006-11-28

Excellent. Another place to check for tension is the point where the back of the head and neck meet. Gentle pressure on this area can help stop a headache when it is in its early stages. Not everything works for all headaches, but your advice certainly helped mine.


Posted by: Gurmail 2006-12-05

You are a very good person. I just get rid of my headache using the method you mentioned. Everybody should be aware of your website. Thanks again.


Posted by: emily 2007-01-14

they dont work


Posted by: Felicia 2007-01-15

This worked excellent for me, but it wasn't exactly bullet wounds I was suffering from. At least try this before pills and shit.


Posted by: callan 2007-01-29



Posted by: kari 2007-01-29

Thanks it helped quite alot! since I had a strong headache and waiting on the painkillers to kick in hurted too much so i googled and found your solution! It helped quite alot but not perfectly but still enough to take this headache down a couple of levels. Kari-Erik


Posted by: mariam 2007-02-07

that was so good i will try to do it every day bravo amazing really amazing you should be a docter


Posted by: mariam 2007-02-07

that was so good i will try to do it every day bravo amazing really amazing you should be a docter i hope you do that was spelanded i want to ask do you have for fever if you do email please as fast as you can thanks so much i had a really really big big headace


Posted by: mariam 2007-02-07

that was great actully spelend amazing beautiful nice realstic if you have one for fever or shiver please email me i would love that thanks so much i had a big big big really big headace thanks agian dont forget


Posted by: sonia asha gomez 2007-02-18

I am sonia.I not only have headache but I have exzima too.Who ever is here,this is what you should know.


Posted by: Rael Otieno 2007-02-24

Thi exercise has some how helped me although not that much but it has really done something for me. I would request if you can send me some more natural sample if possible. Thank you .


Posted by: Rael Otieno 2007-02-24

Hi my migraine headache has been so bad because l have used Betapyine,Zorf,Painstop,Admitted to hospital for two weeks in vain am just in a crisis it ache up to the neck, feel dizzy so please i need your help through your web site.Thank you in advance.


Posted by: Michael Roberts 2007-03-27

You can substantially reduce or even completely eliminate many kinds of chronic pain with a special diet that's rich in certain carbohydrates, and low in fats, protein and sugar. Substantially increase your consumption of complex carbohydrates, these include foods such as wholegrains, ( with the exclusion of corn), beans vegetables and fruits, so these make up 70-80% of your food intake. Avoid refined carbohydrates, such as sugar, honey, and syrups, and cut your total sugar intake by at least 40%. Avoid all fats and oils including butter, margarine, meat fats and lard, as much as possible. Also avoid fatty meats, whole milk, cheese with more than 1% fat content, and egg yolks. Give both caffeine and alcohol a miss. Take an amino acid supplement called tryptophan, this is converted by the body into serotonin, a pain relieving chemical. The combination of the special diet and the tryptophan should dramatically elevates your pain tolerance.


Posted by: Paige 2007-04-11

omgosh! thanks so much i feel ALOT BETTER!! i mean i hate talking pills so this websight helped me alot! better then what my doctor said 2 do!! amazing work it did


Posted by: Tweety Incarnate 2007-04-23

Meh, it helped a bit, no rewarding twinge, but I wish it did.:(


Posted by: carin 2007-04-24

it dsen't work


Posted by: YVETTE 2007-04-27




Posted by: joel 2007-05-15

thank you very much, it has cured my headache that I had to deal with for a while


Posted by: Jack Budd 2007-05-22

This didnt work... im going to jump off a cliff


Posted by: eyad 2007-06-21

your way helps but only for a little while not for the whole time i had a headache.are there any other ways to take take out a headache.


Posted by: noah 2007-07-05

i love you... that headache thing is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool and it realllllllllllllllllllllllly works thank you thank you thank you!


Posted by: Dawn 2007-07-08

I tried the headache thing and its starting to work... I was as well just looking for something other than medicine to cure it and you know its working.. thankyou


Posted by: Cori 2007-08-14

Thank you for all of this information. My dentist could tell by my teeth that I clench them. I didn't believe him and now that I'm suffering from headaches every month I am now going to get my dentist to make me a mouth piece. I wasn't going to until I read your article.
Thank you again,
The exercises have relieved my head ache. I now know the root cause.


Posted by: Grindon 2007-09-24

great tips on headaches cure.... I feel better after reading the great materials on this website. Keep it real dude!


Posted by: lily 2007-10-07

my mom had a bad headache i saw this website i told her to try it and it worked. thanx.


Posted by: brandi 2007-10-10

i just wanted to say thanks, im in right school now and cant get rid of my headach but this is helping, thanks


Posted by: Tegan cassidy 2007-10-29

hello i still have a headache after i did this said "cure" i suggest you remove this information immeditaly as it is false advertising. goodbye.


Posted by: D. Ables 2007-10-30

This method really works! Thanks


Posted by: Marlene Pooley 2007-11-04

It is better NOT to rotate your jaw in circles, but advice from a dentist is to resist the opening of the jaw with the back of the hand. This can be done while closing the jaw as well. This stretches the muscles around the jaw using them as they are designed to move correctly.


Posted by: sUPER aRT GIRL 2007-11-09



Posted by: james 2007-11-09

wow it doesent work


Posted by: missy 2007-11-12

this actually just worked!! i had a bad headache and i did some things and it worked. :) awesome


Posted by: shannon 2007-11-20

my friend kirsten has a bad headache and her sides burn worse everytime she moves. can you please find a good cure for her. i believe you can help her. i will try anything to help my friend. bless your heart.


Posted by: james allen 2007-11-27

thank you so much
my headache is gone
thank you


Posted by: Rachel 2007-12-11

This does not work. Applying pressure worked until you let go. The other things didn't even helped (and made me dizzy).


Posted by: Zach 2007-12-17

It didn't work on my headache a bit! ;...(.....


Posted by: kritika 2007-12-18

pliz tell me some home remidies of head ache


Posted by: qualled 2007-12-29

This story is like Actully half the cure of pills good job,


Posted by: Holley 2008-01-31

Okay, thanks for the information, because i get headaches A LOT, more than is normal for anyone.


Posted by: zoe 2008-02-10

woww..thank u soo much, , , it really helped...


Posted by: kerrie 2008-02-12

i'm sorry i've tried every thing it says but it just does not seem to work but thanh you for trying to help.


Posted by: Esther 2008-02-21

I want get rid of painful Headache


Posted by: abbie 2008-02-25

okay, i was looking up on how to get rid of headaches and this was the first site that popped up. i checked it out and you know what, some of the things on here actually do help. im fourteen years old and i get headaches all the time and when i try to do my work in the library and kids younger than me are in here at the same time making so much noise, gives me a major headache right away. i looked this site up and as the younger children are still in here, my headache seems to be going away. now not everything work but some do help and thats what i was hoping for. also some of the works you type on here are not spelled correctly on here and i know im not a great speller but i just wanted to let you know. thankx for some of the advice.

abbie, 14, ohio.


Posted by: Clorisa 2008-03-01

It doesn't work for me. When i tilted my head, my headache got worse. Thanks alot. :(


Posted by: Person with a bad headache 2008-03-04

Thanks, i have had this headache for the past two days, with your help it feels a lot better :)


Posted by: Bertha 2008-03-06

It didn't cure my headache but I did get some relief. The blogs are really fun to read. There's a lot of funny ones.


Posted by: adam 2008-03-22

thanx alot it really works i had hedache for about 20 30 scounds after i read this thnx again :] :]


Posted by: person with headache 2008-03-29



Posted by: liam fish 2008-04-05

absaluly amazing


Posted by: lee 2008-04-06

this didnt work one bit and i will not tell my friends about this website. it just made my headache worse.


Posted by: nicholus asuga 2008-04-08

thank you for give me the cure of headache


Posted by: KT 2008-04-16

Wow. This thing actually works!!! It's even better than over the counter remedies (though almost everything is...) You should b famous for this. R U like a doctor or something?? If not, wow. That's really cool! Thanks for the cure!!!


Posted by: Max Magnus 2008-04-16

I should be famous you say? Well, that's your job dear readers.


Posted by: james 2008-04-18

it dosen't actually work it just takes your mind off it a bit i could say go think about sex and you takin your mind off it


Posted by: Max Magnus 2008-04-18

I do not think "thinking about sex" will help anyone rid their pains - practicing sex however is a well known painkiller.


Posted by: Justyna 2008-05-26

i had this killer headache. and i did what this said, and it got better (:


Posted by: *** 2008-08-09

wow realy good it worked alot thanks =]


Posted by: Mad 2008-08-26

i felt a sudden pain but then boom it was gone thanks
5 stars #####


Posted by: amanda 2008-08-30

this really did work for me.
i've had a migrane for 2 days and this really helped me alot.



Posted by: shania pailzote 2008-10-02

so it didnt work do you have more ways?


Posted by: Anna 2008-10-19



Posted by: raeleigh johnson 2008-11-10

hey dont you have some otherways to hepus


Posted by: hamsa 2008-11-19

you have given the suggetipns for the type 2 (below the ear, end of the jaw)pain, what if the temples are hurting???????


Posted by: Eduardo Santiago 2008-12-23

I began to do what you recommanded us to do to get rid of the headache. I want to let you know that it worked. I don't have a headache any more. Thanks for the tip.


Posted by: king 2009-01-30

i have the worst headache ever noone will ever have it this bad


Posted by: chris 2009-03-09

hey um i just came from school and my head is pounding so hard but this quick excessive really did help so THANKS!


Posted by: fgf 2009-03-13

they don't work


Posted by: seedy 2009-03-13

thanx this has helped me a lot you peeps should tru it it actually works unlike the other garbage on google


Posted by: Egburt the 1st 2009-03-19

Egburt the 1st!!!


Posted by: manla 2009-03-20

i saw this website and i had the worst headache to day and now its gone i was so happy no meds no nothing its great i am so happy . thank you so much do you have anymore ideas for headaches . thanks so much


Posted by: megan 2009-06-01

i have been feeling invisible, headaches 24/7, and feeling tired all day. i have a hard time remembering things, and i feel like im not really here. what does this mean? im scared and i need help. please email me and tell me what is wrong.


Posted by: jocelyn 2009-06-02



Posted by: zeon101 2009-06-24

i think my headaches are coming from my parents yelling at me really often and the trick isn't working for me. What do i do about that?


Posted by: Eamon Fearon 2009-07-03

i ave taken all pills and and injections and not even morphene worked these headaches i get they are not normal i tryed your cure and it worked for a certain time and stopped i waz born with these headaches i have had dem always and they stop me from living my life i cant have a full time job cause of them if you have any other cures it would really be great hope to hear from you soon thank you


Posted by: Max Magnus 2009-07-03

Eamon Fearon: So you say these exercises relieve you from your headache a while... Well, that's an important clue to what's probably causing them: Tensions.


Posted by: Nabil 2009-07-10

this neva helppeed...ive had this headache 3 timez during this week...all ov a sudden i jst felt coldd and strtd shivering even tho the weather was pretty hot....and then my head jst strtz to ache... wen ever i move my head it feels as if my brains going to come out and wenever i cough or sneeze my head hurts soooooooooo badlyy plsssssssss cann some1 help me


Posted by: Max Magnus 2009-07-10

Nabil: Go see a doctor.


Posted by: Martin Eshleman 2009-07-19

I have never heard of some of these headache cures but they totally make sense and will probably work. I have found that by mixing a little Apple Cider Vinegar with water and drinking it that my headaches go away. Sounds strange but it works.


Posted by: Joao 2009-08-24

I.'m nurse student and I read in this article sme things that ive already study in class! I think this is a good work!

Respect, from Portugal


Posted by: mizz yew 2009-08-31

Hi! I actually didnt try this yet but , i will! I really hope it works! I am sick right now , i have fever , cold , headache , sore back , bad cough, period , runny nose & flem! Really sucks right now!! This happened suddenly like 2 days ago not sure .But really am hoping it works! Thanks if it does !


Posted by: Lajanee 2009-09-12

thank yuu.

tht was realli gud. it hasnt worked yet cos i hafent done it yet but i will soon.

and frm all those comments im sure it'll work realli well.

thankyuu heaps maxmagnusnorman !

iloveyuu. x


Posted by: Shantoya 2009-09-23

this is a great relief, i had a great big headache and it got rid of it! think you so much and I love the picture!!!


Posted by: JVBKing 2009-09-25

wow this worked, within minutes i was cured... but does it work on migraines?


Posted by: kimi 2009-09-25

Thank You Ive been having headaces for 2 weeks straight. so Thanks for the help if this dont work ill go to the docter next week and see whats up. Thanks Again


Posted by: kim 2009-09-25

Thanks For YOur Tips.


Posted by: David .D 2009-10-14

Thanks for the help. mthis site really helped me. But i think my head achs were caused by nexium. If you have a small case of acid reflux i recommend you dont take it.


Posted by: Esta 2009-10-23

Hey.. Max..
I've been having really bad pains in my neck and head, and it feels like my neck muscles are tired, but when I try to sleep or lay down... nothing works! I'm wondering if I have H1N1 flu... but I dunno... Please help!!!!


Posted by: Max Magnus 2009-10-23

Esta: Sounds like an inflammation of some kind, consult a doctor.


Posted by: kelsey 2009-10-31



Posted by: nicole 2009-11-18

umm yeah it kinda worked but not really im in school and i cant take meds here so you need something that works


Posted by: andrew 2009-12-02

I have a bad headach


Posted by: KRISHNAN 2009-12-04

Excellent site .I believe it can provide lasting cure for headache without medicines.


Posted by: Lex 2009-12-05

I need info on simple cure of headache


Posted by: Sean 2009-12-09

actually the idea of tilting your head does work, im not too certain about actually physically doing something, but another good way of curing a headache is sleep, or if you read everything on this page while closing your eyes just to where you can see what your reading, and once your done, dont go jumping around because itl only make your headache come back.


Posted by: BaLL Zack 2009-12-17

i did it to my genetals and it works better.


Posted by: Poodata Manjupi 2010-01-04

Wow!!!!! Your tricks are amazing


Posted by: Sally-Anne Peters 2010-02-25

Useful tips thanks very much....hope they help :)


Posted by: hello there 2010-02-26

or you could try a wet flannel, pain killers, sleep, and a cold soothing shower.


Posted by: allison 2010-03-16

hey this worked a little 2 cure mah headache but i still have one well its better than nothing


Posted by: Bad. 2010-03-30

Worst advice ever. my neck is now cramped thanks alot dik


Posted by: Steve Brown 2010-04-09

really works


Posted by: tom 2010-05-18

this idea worked, but my friend didn't think so, so instead he hit me round the head with a guitar several times, and that worked as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by: ellie 2010-05-22

it doesnt work very well but good try trying to get it right!!


Posted by: Zohaib Khan 2010-06-03

Hello..... Sir i m in problam for since last 5 year on headache .. doc said to me you have migrane but doc was said there is no complete treament.. medicine will increase the duration of headache.. wat can i do please tell me... regards Zohaib Khan...


Posted by: Justin 2010-06-13



Posted by: Data Recovery 2010-07-28

Thanks for posting,
I have more tension so Tension headaches tend to occur on both sides of the head, often starting at the back of the head and spreading forward. If you know its proper solution Please tell me.


Posted by: Max Magnus 2010-08-01

Data Recovery: It's the same principle as described above; locate the aching muscles, exercise then and try to be aware of when you build up tension in them.


Posted by: Ocean Sue 2010-08-07

Thank You, kindly. I had a Nasty headache 10 days ago, then came down with an itchy & painful patch on my low back near spine. I went to Dr. He said I have Shingles! It seems that headaches accompany this with many. I am taking an oral anti-viral medicine, still have headache. I appreciate the reminder to Drink Water! How simple, I am now on my 2nd quart today, as my headache seemed intense enough for me to neglect my usual water consumption. I was punched in my jaw at the site recommended, so it is still swallen & sore (by a crazed AZ Crystal Methamphetaimine addict). It all makes more sense now. I made herbal tea too & will take a walk for some exercise to improve circulation also. I appreciate this encouraging sites suggestions with Gratitude.
So. CA


Posted by: mtgl 2010-08-27

it did not help h


Posted by: Brie 2010-09-11

This actually worked. Really didn't think it would. I was wrong. Thank you!


Posted by: pierre 2010-10-28

it works very good!!


Posted by: leo 2010-11-06



Posted by: Janie 2010-11-27

i used a massager and it worked SUPER well to get my headache away. i put it on the top of my head and it worked!


Posted by: charlie 2010-12-24

suck like wtf


Posted by: darchella konnera 2011-01-17

nice i like it


Posted by: jessai 2011-02-09

this actually worked for me i had a horrible headache and couldent walk very fast now i only have the tinyest bit of pain left !


Posted by: Sebastian 2011-04-17

I love you!! this god rid of my headache <3


Posted by: leigh leigh 2011-06-02

this totally suks ass it didnt work at all!


Posted by: Jessica 2011-06-02



Posted by: Cheryl bixenman 2011-06-04

Please help me.., , my neck pain makes me want to die and my teeth 7208388891 hurry


Posted by: Oliver Lally 2011-06-06

if anything it made it worse sooo this sucks


Posted by: claudia 2011-06-08

my headace hurts bad all day.


Posted by: George 2011-06-25

I like what i see I hope this does the trick for me, the pain starts in the neck and goes all over the head.


Posted by: TABIRI RICHARD 2011-06-30

i feel like going mad because of this headache, so please help me.


Posted by: Cailey 2011-09-08

Didnt work


Posted by: matt 2011-09-16

I see alot about headaches but your missing a few.Theres that eye.1 where its in 1 of your eyes or both.or its right in the middle of your forehead.Or its on the top of your head.No info on how to get rid of them or about them.This is a retype massed up on the other 1 lol.I relly do not even get the 1s listed in this.Just the 1s i just told about


Posted by: uday 2011-09-28

that was really good


Posted by: Sizzle Freestyle 2011-11-13

Excellent concepts, but try and be more straight forward. Someone who has a headache can not take time to ponder upon and picture the whole post.... I must commend you for an excellent research work.


Posted by: Fabulous 2011-12-05

this really works. You guys should try it out!! :) awesome!! love your site!! it help me alot!!!
Ye, but it hurts more when u apply pressure :(


Posted by: Neva 2011-12-12

This was very helpful. Thank you.


Posted by: Athena 2011-12-14

We adore daffy Danes


Posted by: Foxy 2011-12-22

Its nice to know i can see this on my 3DS.


Posted by: nehal 2012-01-17

thank you for the kind information now i thing i will be cured


Posted by: nehal.s.nambiar 2012-01-17

thank you for the kind information


Posted by: Peter 2012-01-30

Lol no ways! I just did this without even thinking it would happen.. I'm so much better now..


Posted by: Mrs Mboya 2012-02-20

Wonderful, i have never done this exercise and never heard of it. I will quite oftenly do it coz headache is my all time problem for some years now.


Posted by: inpain. 2012-03-02

the moment i stop hitting that spot behind my jaw, it hurts again :(


Posted by: ‚amofa amponsah bright 2012-03-04

is there a situation where only half or part of your head is paining you


Posted by: play 2012-03-07

It actually worked!!


Posted by: sexi laura! 2012-03-08

i love u babe!


Posted by: kelly 2012-03-16

this helps so much when you dont have any headache medicine available. thanks!!


Posted by: Bob 2012-03-21

I think you shouldent right so much


Posted by: joiuan 2012-03-28

i have a lot of headchade


Posted by: lily 2012-04-04

it didnt work my head still pounds


Posted by: 📦MinecraftGirl1❤ 2012-12-31

🙎😅 did work thanks ❤💋


Posted by: gerarld 2013-01-27

not so help full it even torreble


Posted by: Saibet 2013-05-10

As I was reading your page I was doing the things you said and when I was done reading I realized my headache minimized meaning the pain wasn't as bad. I been suffering of migraine headaches for 5 years and really I've done everything to help prevent or minimize pain and nothing help. I'm so so glad I found you're website. It's one of the hardest thing I have to learn to live with, migraine eats you up. Thank you for these tips that really work


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