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2005-05-28 I continue to fix the Draconaut. Here I'm fastening a new collar for the bubble helmet. I use this kind of soft pipe insulation because I'm not stupider than that I managed to figure out when I first made the Draconaut that someone sooner or later would manage to destroy the bubble helmet, and using a soft material for the collar would make it much easier to replace the helmet.

The Draconaut's "bubble helmet" is actually a globe for a street light. It's made of plexiglass. A polycarbonate globe would have been more durable, but it's hard to find such a globe in the correct size, and it would cost perhaps ten times as much as the plexiglass alternative. Since the Draconaut should spend its remaining days away from the street in a safe show window durability against wear and tear from profanum vulgus isn't a priority any longer.

The street light globe must be modified; the original fastening collar on the globe is too narrow for the dragons cow-like head so it has to be cut off. I've saved the pieces I've sawed off from earlier globes, that makes measuring the chunk which is going to be removed a lot easier.
This is the fourth time the Draconaut gets a new helmet.

    Next time out in the toolshop I'm going to fix the paint and attach the dragon's HUD. Hopefully that's it for this time, I've had too little time to spend on my other arts lately and I'm quite tired on this dragon by now.

Perpetual motion mobile - perpeetum mobile

The leftover fastening collar from the globe can be recycled into other projects, such as perpetual motion mobiles for instance.

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Posted by: Mark Theiling 2006-01-26

I'm working on a completely dissimilar project and I'm wonder where you got your plexiglass globe. I'm having a hard time finding one of similar size.


Posted by: Max Magnus 2006-01-27

You're definitely not the first on to ask. The plexi glass cupola is made in Poland, and I ordered it from a store selling lamps of different kinds, your local lamp store would be the first place to ask then. The cupola was originally intended for outdoor lamp-posts and such. They usually come in two qualities; either made of plexiglass, which is clearer, or polycarbonate which is more durable, both must be handled carefully though since they get scratched easily.


Posted by: Lana 2007-10-21

I was wondering if you could give me some simple step by step instructions on how you made the helmet to where it could go over the head. I'm going to be a "space girl" for halloween, and I'm trying to figure out how to make myself a bubble helmet... So any ideas you could give me would be great!



Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-10-22

A step by step instruction? That is basically what's above. Go to a lamp store and order a transparent plastic globe for a lamp post. It's quite possible to find one you don't have to make any modifications to.


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