forest industry, illicit distilling and elk breeding

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2005-06-02 Today me and my father borrowed a trailer, stuffed it full with paintings and went west into the middle of Sweden, far out in Nowhere. When there, we continued another 50 kilometres ending up in a place called Tivsjö.


That's the place where I will have this summer exhibition, in the Art Lodge.Shaman Even if it is far beyond nowhere, exhibitions like these aren't such a bad idea after all. Gallery owners running places like this are usually nicer and not as snobbish as their city dwelling equivalents. The Art LodgePeople come from far away to have some coffee, buy some goat cheese and look at art. And people living out here are usually rich from their forest industry, illicit distilling and elk breeding and can thus also afford to pay for the art. It's also easier to get publicity for an exhibition on a place that have maybe three exhibitions per year compared to drowning in the noise of the city, people living like this are pretty keen on marketing what they got, and if someone got something the rumour spreads fast.
Exhibition opens this Saturday.

Art Lodge exhibition

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