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2005.06.04 This Saturday I held the opening of the exhibition in Tivsjö. Of course it rained, but about 60 people showed up for a free zip of wine (or cider) anyway.
I didn't sell anything the opening day, which I half expected, but I did trade a dog for a dog.

Trade a dog for a dog

The gallery owners had a small dog they wanted to get rid of because it had eaten three of their hens, only the feet of the birds remained according to trustworthy eye-witnesses. That might seem like a problem for some but in my eyes it just gives the dog some character. I strongly suspect that the dog has some tibetan dragon genes in it.
My mother Britt and Missy

This day also is the day my mother, Britt, celebrates her 70th birthday, so I gave the dog to her at her party later in the evening.

My blog was selected "Blog of the week" this week at About.com's Web Logs site, which is pretty cool.

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