the spiritual path I believe in more than any bible, politics, god or whatever

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Putting the dragon on a trailer.
It's finally time to deliver the restored Draconaut. It will from now on spend its days quietly in Cybercom Group's show window at Storgatan 29 (Main street) in Sundsvall.
The Draconaut in Cybercom group's show window.
The Draconaut: "Your guide in IT-space".

Now I will spend more time on my "real" arts, The Draconaut is a cool piece of kitch art but it's nothing I've fished up from the depths of my soul. As an artist I must draw a distinct line between using my abilities as a craftsman and making art as my religion. Illustrations and things as the Draconaut are crafts. My other sculptures are expressions of a slightly deeper layer of myself, but deepest are my paintings. My paintings are reflections of my inner spirit, and the visions I base them on is the spiritual path I believe in more than any bible, politics, god or whatever.
The visions in my paintings form a religion I can see and touch, this religion is going on right now in my everyday life and is not the biased words of other men living in other worlds.
But the most important thing of all, it's real magic: What I Paint Is What I Get - WIPIWIG! (Now remember; that was the first time you saw that word)

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