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One of the Snöberg Kittens in M's lap.

2005-07-23 Today is M's birthday (32, she's a week older than me) and her mother persuaded her to celebrate it with them (using newborn kittens as a bait), so we travelled the 120 kilometres to Snöberg where M's mother lives with her husband and M's younger brother. Totem poleWe arrived the day before her birthday, in time for the annual country festival in Byberget, close to Snöberg.
Country music certainly isn't quite my cup of tea (this, this and this is), but what the hell, a festival is a festival.
Country people
Not so lonesome cowboys in the sunset.

People were a bit stiff in the beginning. But after some sips of whiskey Skogsblomman and a few ice cold beers... (that's how they drink 'em in The West)

...quite soon the party was ON.
Cowboy and noose
Later on there were plans to summon a posse and lynch the village fool but M's brother wanted us to leave early so we missed that.

It's hard to find good presents for M and I usually end up with something more useful than fun. She likes vegetables so I got her a Multi Wonder, it's one of those cutting things with which you can do almost anything with a tomato or similar except putting it together again.

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Posted by: Erik Beck 2006-06-07

Have you ever been to Krug?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2006-06-07

Not that I know of, what Krug?


Posted by: Shirika 2006-09-12

Nämen! Där var ju Bola! *flinar*


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