Today is my birthday, I'm turning 32 or something and I bought a large chocolate cake at Lidl

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2005-07-30 Today is my birthday, I'm turning 32 or something. The 30th of July hasn't always been considered my birthday, until I was twelve everyone believed I was born on the 31st (Yes - like Harry Potter). It was about then I got the idea to look at my birth certificate.

I have as usual not arranged any particular celebrations, I bought a large chocolate cake (1.3 kilos!) at Lidl in case someone turns up. Wheat flour and such aren't particularly healthy for me, but when it comes to pizza and cakes I won't let that stand between me and them.

M gave me a cake slicer which plays a melody when someone touches it - perhaps it's some kind of revenge for the Multi Wonder.
Birthday cake picture
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