The Art Link Swap site is totally revamped. It's green. And it probably makes all Internet design gurus feel slightly nauseated. Which is a good thing.

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I just performed the last taps of programming on the totally revamped site. It's green, and the design will probably make any tight-assed Internet design guru feel slightly nauseated. Which I enjoy.

ArtLinkSwap has passed on a lot of visitors to its members during the years, but the site itself has been poor in content.
I've thought of ways to change this, and now I've not only changed the layout, added a few helpful tutorials and made the site less a part of but also made a few new programs for the site.

Members are now able to create a free portfolio with samples of their art and a presentation of themselves and/or their business, they can if they wish also equip their portfolio with a "chatbox" where visitors and other members can leave them messages. The portfolio directory works as a toplist, and the more points a member has earned the better the placement in the list.

So, if you own an artsy site, join the Art Link Swap ASAP - it's a win-win thing.

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