I got the idea for this kind of pulpit-hunchback-easel once when I was sitting on the toilet.

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Today I was out in the toolshop doing some carpentry work, I made this easel.
I got the idea for this kind of "hunchback"-easel once when I was sitting on the toilet and realized that sitting in this position brings on a rather meditative state of mind and does make it easier to focus on things.
First I had plans of making a low reading pulpit in this style, meant for long sessions in the bathroom.
An excellent way to learn languages, for instance, I thought.
But since I work as an artist and a painter the idea of a pulpit soon became an easel.
It takes way less effort to sit for hours hulking over this kind of easel than to sit or stand at attention in front of the old fashion vertical ones. It's not only good for working on small paintings, surprisingly large works can be made upon it, I've painted paintings up to 100 x 100 centimetres on this easel's predecessor.
It's of course an advantage if you have long arms and no aching back problems.

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