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2016-07-24 (Uppdaterad 2017-04-24)
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This is the Swedish e-book version of Magnum Opus, the complete description on how to achieve The Philosopher's Stone. Click here to read the table of content translated into English, to get a hint regarding what this is about. You may download the book by clicking here, but mind that there is no complete English translation yet. Here is an interview in English regarding my alchemy practice. If you are or represent a publisher who is interested in translating and releasing the book, that would be great - please contact me.

I also provide life guidance and support based on the insights described in the book.

Detta är den reviderade och utökade e-boksversionen av Magnum Opus, min guide om hur du uppnår De Vises Sten. Den inbundna versionen är tyvärr slutsåld.

Boken är rikt illustrerad. Jag rekommenderar att du läser den i rullande vy.

Villkoren du accepterar när du laddar ner boken är att inte dela filen vidare eller förändra dess innehåll. Hänvisa till denna sida om du vill att fler ska läsa boken.

Du bestämmer själv hur mycket du betalar för informationen, vad det är värt för dig. Swisha en lämplig summa till 0707209933. Om du är intresserad av att ge ut boken på papper eller göra en översättning, kontakta mig.

Ladda ner boken genom att klicka här, använder du Safari så klicka och vänta någon minut. Det är en epub-fil på 40 MB. Observera att iBooks inte uppdaterar korrekt, så laddar du ner en ny version av boken kommer de nya kapitlen inte att synas i innehållsförteckningen, men givetvis finns de i själva boken.

Jag erbjuder även guidning och support baserad på mina erfarenheter.

Detta är bokens innehållsförteckning:

"In this practical handbook renowned and prolific Swedish artist Max Magnus Norman shares some of his personal story about the discovery of a method for recovery and optimization of body and mind for personal greatness, consisting of special physical practices, diet and the healing use of natural hallucinogenics. A method in which the first step is to heal, cure and unite mind and body completely, and the second is to function as a guide on the path towards the spiritual enlightenment known as The Philosophers' Stone."

More on the Magnum Opus

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The painting Stop (24 X 30 cm).
Målningen Stopp (24 X 30 cm).

The finish line is far behind.

And do nothing.
Do not act.
Do not rest.
Do not meditate.
Do not think.

Just stop,
and do nothing,
because the finish line is far, far behind.

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The painting The Annunciation (70 X 87 cm).
Målningen Bebådelsen (70 X 87 cm).
The painting Fable (70 X 87 cm).
Målningen Fabel (70 X 87 cm).
The painting Inner light (70 X 87 cm).
Målningen Inre ljus (70 X 87 cm).

There are forms and shapes which trigger us, sensations that awaken our sexual desires, our joy, our fears, our aggressions, our appetites, our hungers etc. As if there are these internal sets of variables in our minds shaping templates that we compare what we see to, and the closer to these templates that what we experience correspond the more aroused we become. Some variables in these templates are not fixed, and can be pushed far beyond what is natural, and the more they are exaggerated the stronger the stimuli.

This controls natural selection, and if we could see these templates we would know in what direction evolution is heading; the background will of our collective being. How far can this be stretched? When does this turn into total dysfunctionality? And what is beyond?

So, supernormal stimulus - that will be a part of my manifesto from now on. These paintings above are the first ones out.

Prints on canvas of the paintings are available, signed and numbered (3000 SEK / 320€ / $360 each).

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This is my current inspiration; there are a few images I've been carrying in my head, experiences from The Ritual. These are places beyond the psychedelic patterns, which are mostly a user interface that sometimes shrouds other layers. These are things that happened years ago by now, and I've been slow in painting them because they are basically such simple images, and it's mostly about conveying the feeling, the presence of being there - which is not a simple task. Attempts of painting the psychedelic patterns are plentiful and easy to find on the net, but are seldom deeper in meaning than fireworks, so I haven't been that inspired to paint those. I decided to paint the sceneries etched in my mind rather expressionistic, making it up to the mind of the beholder to fill in and create an image as close to the real event as possible.

Enjoy the first five paintings, a few events from my journey, random in chronology and importance. More will soon come. I will most likely use some of them to illustrate eventual future editions of my book. All are for sale, both as originals and prints, contact me if you are interested:

Unicorn 67 X 41 cm

This one borders to the world of the psychedelic patterns. This experience is about the granting of an "all penetrating weapon". An aspect of the mind which always creates a way forward; erases obstacles from space and time as if they never ever existed.

"Strange we never saw that path before, still it must have been there always." ...Or haven't it?

Transfiguration of planet size object 67 X 41 cm

A sequence when the White (or Clear) Light was shaded by a dark planet sized object, which was removed by transfiguration. This is how healing and/or mind alterning events can occur during The Ritual; there are seldom labels and explanations.

A familiar voice shouts: It is for real! 67 X 41 cm

Behind a hill, through interferences and over that great distance, a familiar voice was shouting "This is for real, this is for real!". It sounded like my dead grandmother or her (also dead) sister.

The mind turning event 67 X 41 cm

This is one of the steps in achieving The Philosophers' Stone. The body temporarily "dies" and there's a total out of body experience where the mind is perceived as being a transparent brownish red drop fastened to the wall of some vast complex, the inside of The World Tree I presume. The sphere is detached, lifted and rotated 180 degrees and then reattached again. This is over in a few seconds and then the spirit is returned to the physical body. After this experience the psychedelic patterns comes forth as a understandable language. The difference between up and down in the physical world also had less significance afterwards.

This happening is also described in the "Hanged man" Tarot card, in the tale of Odin hanging upside down in Yggdrasil and in the eight illumination from Splendor Solis. I have written about this on page 134 in the Swedish paperback version of my book Magnum Opus (a part which is yet to be translated).

Three chambers of gold 67 X 41 cm

I once asked what I had gained in values during all my existences - if there was such a thing as a cosmic bank account, and what was my balance if so - and I was shown three cavernous halls filled with gold.

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The painting Godmaker (90 X 111 cm).
Målningen Göra gud (90 X 111 cm).

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On the left is an alternative cover for Magnum Opus, used on Barnes & Noble. The content is the same.

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The painting The Burning Heart (140 X 140 cm).
Målningen Det brinnande hjärtat (140 X 140 cm).

I paint large paintings again, three years since last time.

Jag målar stora målningar igen, tre år sedan sist.

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This is a commissioned work; a netsuke like elephant made from pink ivory wood with intarsia and tusks made from mammoth ivory. The wood is neither treated nor coloured; it becomes this shiny just by polishing it.

I do take on commissions - I can do just about anything - from time to time, so, let me know if you have any work for me.

Below are a few pictures from the making of the elephant. No mammoth was killed for the ivory; it was a roadkill.

The wood is hard as a pool ball (which is no overstatement; it has been used for making such) and blunts the knife in minutes. If I used all strength I could put into it without breaking the blade I chipped of flakes as large as those seen on the picture. Later on I used a Dremel-like tool I had stored in Sweden and had to wait for to be sent to me, but with that one in my hands the work continued a bit smoother. The magic started to work quite early in this one, and the silvery thing is a drill that broke when the elephant got hold of it with its trunk. For a while I considered leaving it there.Pink ivory was sacred for the Zulu people, and a few hundred years ago those not of royal blood found possessing it could be punished with death.

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