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Exhibition in Trollhättans Konsthall 2008.
Max Magnus Norman
Max Magnus Norman was born on July 30th, 1973. He has worked professionally as an artist since the middle of the nineties. The artistic education consists of amongst other the "Estetiskt-praktiska linjen" at Katrinelundsskolan in Sundsvall and the Liberal Art School (Fria Målarskolan) in Halmstad with Olle Waller as main art teacher. Max Magnus Norman has participated in numerous art exhibitions and has also worked as a photographer, art teacher, illustrator, journalist and has constructed public sculptures.

Max Magnus Norman has traveled, through the larger part of the Middle East; Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and also south South America; Peru and Bolivia. He has lived for longer periods in Gran Canaria and Prague.

Max Magnus Norman's art is almost always about telling stories. Dreamlike fables and parables describe not what the eye but what the heart sees; the machinery behind the curtains.

In the partly autobiographical handbook Magnum opus Max Magnus Norman describes how he managed to achieve The Philosophers' Stone during an experimental process aimed at the healing of body and mind. Those experiences lead to that Max Magnus Norman got rid of almost all his possessions and changed his creative path.

Nowadays Max Magnus Norman lives in Stockholm.

The Crying Boy on the cover of the 2011 edition of Svenska konstnärer, the Swedish artists biographical reference book.

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