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Max Magnus Norman (b.1973) makes his own path in the world of art.
Sometimes when - if - you meditate or right before you fall asleep you might have seen clear pictures or scenes flash by in front of your eyes. What you see when you look at Max Magnus Norman's art is that kind of visions. Norman paints or sculpts the images he sees before him in the same manner as a scientist; without additions or subtractions. The result is a very personal art, at the same time it is not uncommon that astonished exhibition visitors recognize details from their own dreams in the paintings.


This is Max Magnus Norman's personal crisscross, The white horse is a totem which has followed him through life, the lightning is his initials MMN. He has this sign tattooed on his right thigh.


Norman signs his works with these seals. If you look at the paintings you might spot one of them, if it's not located on the frame.

The stamps are 5 centimetres (1.9") in height.