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60 X 60 cm (23'' X 23'')
Oil and acrylic on wood, gloss varnish.
Sold or not available.

In some dreams you may find an exit. This exit is almost always located in the lower regions of the dream, in the cellar - the image for the subconsciousness. It's usually in the shape of a hatch, flow or something meant for transportation; running water or a railway. Only when the exit is found the dream is finished and you wake up. If no exit is found you will return to the dream during another sleep.


What's been uttered about this one:

  • Posted by: mr_scrooge 2006-10-17
      Mr Norman, I found your work of art, "Here The Dream Ends" as very inspirational, particularly what you have written regarding the piece. I am a highschool student and I am considering using this piece for analysis. I know that your website says that nothing from here may be used without permission, so here I am seeking it. I like this artwork very much and it would be much appreciated if I could use this for my analytical assignment (written). Regards Mr_Scrooge
  • Posted by: Max Magnus 2006-10-18
      I've mailed you the terms and conditions for using pictures from my site.
  • Posted by: Adrienne Hope 2007-09-12
      I would like permission to use your image 'Here the Dream Ends' in a lesson plan for Middle School students, which explores dreams and symbolism. Your work fits in perfectly with the unit. Would you please send permission to use this work? Thank you very much, Adrienne
  • Posted by: Diana 2007-10-28
      Im 15 and go to Saint Dominic's College in New Zealand and I was wondering I could get permission to use your information and art for an NCEA study. I would be using it to help me explain dreams and you will fully be credited for it. But anyway, I'm just asking you permission.

      Also, I think that your art is amazing.
  • Posted by: Kat Site 2008-05-08
      I am a fan of dream art and am always looking for great dream - I love this image - it is wonderful!
  • Posted by: Alex Nguyen 2009-12-16
      Hi, Mr. Norman!

      My name in Alex, and I wanted to ask for permission for using this artwork: Here the Dream Ends for my art presentation. As a high school student, I find it interesting, and I would like to share it to the rest of my classmates and teacher and further explain my feelings toward this painting and how I can relate to it.

      Can you please send permission to my e-mail? I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks!
  • Posted by: Charlotte 2015-04-06
      I am currently writing an essay for my A2 art project at college, and was hoping with your permission, to use your work for discussion in my essay. It would mean a great deal if I could because my work is based around dreams, and your work is perfect for this topic. Regards