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61 X 61 cm (24'' X 24'')
Oil and acrylic on wood, gloss varnish.
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Three demons, or angels, which walk by my side since that day among the tomb towers in Palmyra, Syria. Ruthless as natural forces.


What's been uttered about this one:

  • Posted by: Guiller C. 2006-05-20
      I know this place!!. I never been in Syria , but; I've seen this place in my dreams or, a past life! ,"Beautiful" keep up the good work... Peace!!!.
  • Posted by: Max Magnus 2006-05-20
      Cool! It's actually not that unusual that people recognize stuff in my paintings from their own dreams and spiritual life. Check out the Middle East slide show (link in the menu at the top of the page) for photos of the tomb towers in Palmyra (and many other things).
  • Posted by: wallace greene 2006-10-06
      This piece of art makes me feel like I know that these three creatures are not good, but it also gives me a sense of pity for them because it looks like they are dying
  • Posted by: TearZs 2007-02-11
      i get this painting but i dont well anyways its really cool.
  • Posted by: Joshua Little 2007-03-23
      Your paintings are fully hardcore, but I wish I knew what style they are, ie abstract, surreal, modern, etc. Cheers.
  • Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-03-25
      An artist's style often lies close to a religious statement, or a life philosophy, thus going far beyond the paintings frames (or the plinth of the sculpture), especially when considering movements such as surrealism and impressionism etc. I haven't and won't sign under any such manifesto since I only find meaning in painting those visions I occasionally see - thus closest to the truth is calling my art "visionary". Click on "The Inspiration" at the index page to learn more.
  • Posted by: holly 2008-03-11
      i fancy them
  • Posted by: ketchup 2009-02-02
      Hey. i really like your work. what I like to ask:I like to have an
      angel tatoo on my left soulder and I wondering maybe you can give or draw for me the angel what I'm looking for since 3 years. I already have a demon on my right. I need to ballance it. think about it and contact me. thank you very much and keep up the good work