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Here you can see a small selection of the Swedish visionary artist Max Magnus Norman's pop art sculptures. All sculptures are original pieces of art - one of a kind.
I'm currently looking for new gallerists, exhibition- and work opportunities.

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Sexual predator Sold

Headhunter Sold
Pain in the ass
Stare mob Sold
Naked break


Parrot happy Sold
Parrot doubtful Sold
Evolution Sold


Dancing chupacabras
Hunter Sold
Start your own collection today! Sold
Missy plays with living buried Sold
Bad cat Sold


Dressed for party Sold
Company Sold
Sleeping cat Sold
Blue streak Sold


Uncle Light Blue Sold
Boo! Sold
Hunt Sold

The Gold Runner Sold


Happily surprised reptilian Sold
Devil with iron rod Sold
Blue man Sold
Jumping cat Sold
Cat looks back Sold



Sports art: Grey sprinter.

Sports sculpture: White runner.

Running sculpture: Red runner.

Sports art: Green runner.

Sports pictures: Orange runner.

Sprinter sculpture: Blue sprinter.








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