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 the picture / the image / the painting HEROES' DREAMS


226 X 136 cm (88'' X 53'')
Oil and acrylic on wood, gloss varnish.
Sold or not available.


In the left golden section of this painting stands a man, holding the planet Jupiter in his hand. From his other hand 21 fragments of a comet run out and hit the planet. This is a note about the 21 comet-fragments that hit Jupiter on my twenty-first birthday. Quite a coincidence. 21/3 equals 7 and this number is omnipresent in my work. It took a while before I realised this and it's nothing I do deliberately. It seems that the number seven is linked to my creative source. And yes, I know what the number seven stands for.
When I planned this painting I thought it should be named "The waterworld" but then Kevin Costner's movie with the same name went up on the cinemas so I gave the painting its present name instead. How feeble.