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 the picture / the image / the painting TEN STEPS TO BECOME ONE WITH GOD


122 X 122 cm (48'' X 48'')
Oil and acrylic on wood, gloss varnish.
Sold or not available.

You look upwards towards a blue clouded sky with the sun in the middle. Below the clouded sky you find yourself standing in a circular shaftlike building winding itself up towards the light. In the windings of the building you soon discover that you need to pass ten "stations" before you can reach the surface. Some of the creatures inhabiting this building probably remind you of something you've heard sometime.

This painting shows the steps which everyone must go through to become one with him/herself, find salvation, find nirvana, become one with God, call it whatever you like. This doesn't mean that everyone must face a pink dragon or fight with a dotted red lionlike figure to accomplish this. What it means is that these beings and situations are metaphysical and takes place on another plane and show themselves in this world like situations and coincidences that may look quite ordinary or even boring at the first look. What these situations do anyway is that they tell their participants a little about themselves and the world. If you are observant you may find some similarities between the happenings in this painting and things you remember from your own life.

If you enter the painting and begin your journey from the bottom you soon find that there is only one way leading to the top if you don't wish to fly or climb the walls. On this path you'll walk through ten stations or stages. The stages from bottom to the top, ten to one are:Power (earth), Evil (air), Destiny (water), Love (fire), Beauty, Strength, Natural forces, Intelligence, Wisdom to create, God. In these stages are several substages, here are some of them: (10) Ice, (9) base, (8) honour, (7) Perfection, (6) Union, (5) Bravery, (4) Free will, (3) Uncreative intelligence, (2) Creative intelligence, (1) Resolution.

Oh so evolutionary.