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This summer, part 1 of 2

This summer, part 1 of 2.

By the end of last summer I and Anders Wollin exhibited our art in Galleri Stenhallen in Borgholm on the isle of Öland, the tourist season was just about to end and I had this idea that I should book the gallery myself the next summer (this one) during the Victoria days, when princess Victoria's birthday is celebrated and thousands of people arrive to participate.

Victoria on
her birthday.
Said and done, I stuffed the car with 60 paintings and 20 sculptures and drove the 815 kilometres from Sundsvall to the summer tourist trap Borgholm.

The exhibition at Galleri Stenhallen.

What I didn't foresee was that this summer was going to be the worst summer in 50 years or so regarding the weather, which meant that it rained almost every day and the people with the money who buy art and have the choice to change their destination anytime went to some nice Mediterranean place instead of Borgholm. Left were those who has to plan their vacation months in advance; people who talk much but don't buy anything, except for one and another copy of Abashera revamped, which paid my meals at least. I was very fortunate to have managed to finish programming the game to this exhibition, otherwise I would have starved.
So I couldn't afford to rent a room but had to sneak into the gallery kitchen and sleep on an inflatable madras, I woke exactly four o'clock every morning (for ten days) when my weight had pushed the air out of the madras and I was lying directly on the floor.
When I wasn't attending the exhibition I ran a lot to pass time, almost every day, marathon distances across the island and back, I still haven't got complete feeling back in some of my toes.

One or a few pyromaniacs ravaged the island at the time, burned down amongst other buildings the restaurant across the street from the gallery. They later arrested a young girl after having burned down a warehouse, but she was probably not the only one responsible for all fires. Once on one of my daily runs I ran past a burning peat moor.

Finally the sun begun to shine, luring out the wealthy and I sold a few paintings, enough to get home kind of, In those three days I finally made a profit of 3.500:- (equal to about $350), after having paid most of my debts. Now I had to live for the rest of the summer on those money. Great.

I decided that this was the last time ever I would arrange a exhibition myself, from now on I happily put the whole burden on the gallery owners, they can take whatever in percentage as long as I only have to paint and won't need to wrap and transport the art, make invitation cards and posters, watch the exhibition, talk my ass of as a salesman, curate the exhibition etc. It all bores me to hell! Never more!

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