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Cure acne - get rid of pimples

Thursday, 26 May 2005

Cure acne - get rid of pimples

You do not get acne from chocolate or strong spices. Or, yes, you will get acne from chocolate, but not because you eat it. You get pimples because you touch yourself in the face when you eat chocolate. When you poke around in your face with dirty fingers - you might have a habit of leaning your head against your hand or stroke your chin when you think - you are massaging bacteria and dirt into sensitive pores which will then turn into pimples.
You could also suffer from acne as a symptom of (usually) intestinal problems. If you get pimples in symmetrical patterns in your face, especially along the jawlines, it can be either a symptom of IBS - Irritated Bowel Syndrome - colon irritabile, that you stress to much and thus upset your stomach, or that you eat things that aren't good for you - or all of those alternatives. The article on heartburn might help you put a stop to such acne.
Follow these advises in order to get rid of pimples:
  • Stop touching your face. See to that areas where you have acne aren't covered or irritated by shirt-collars or caps - especially not dirty such.
  • Do not dry out the skin. Do not wash your skin with dehydrating anti-acne solutions. Such solutions cause the skin to produce more fat which in turns increases the risk of blocking the skin's pores.
  • Wash your face with pure water only - do not use soap or alcohol based solutions. Do not rinse your face with cold water after shaving in order to "close the pores" - rinse with skin warm water and let the pores breathe instead.
  • Do not shave yourself the wrong way. Shave in the same direction as the hairs grow. If you shave in the opposite direction you will cut off small pieces of the skin which is lifted up with the hairs. The sore skin will then probably get infected - it's far better with bristles than red pus-filled spots.
  • Carefully squeeze pus-filled pimples. It's more likely that you will get worse scars from suppurations that are left to heal for themselves than from cleaned out "craters". Do use lots of disinfectants though and powder the wound with non-scented baby powder or similar in order to keep it dry and clean.
  • Use a skin lotion which contains carbamide in order to keep your skin moisturized after you washed yourself. Carbamide tunes your skin's moisture balance in a natural way. Eventually you could mix in some weak cortisone-gel if your skin is irritated.
  • Sunbathe. Adequate exposure to the sun helps the body to create vitamin D which is good for the immune system.
  • Exercise and take a sauna. The skin needs to sweat - don't be afraid of that - in order to get clean in depth.
Follow the advices above and you will most likely have much less trouble with acne and pimples. It's never necessary to spend large sums on miracle promising anti-acne cures - none of them work other than that they temporarily dehydrate the skin which will eventually worsen your problems.
And remember - the pimple is always worst in the mirror you are looking in.

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