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Get rid of / cure heartburn without pills - stop eating wheat and cereals

Thursday, 26 May 2005

Get rid of / cure heartburn without pills - stop eating wheat and cereals

Are you experiencing heartburn almost all the time?
Do you always keep a couple of antacid pills in your pocket?
Your heartburn might be caused by something completely different than stress and strain. Particularly if you also feel an unpleasant contraction below the ribs in the left side of your body and often have diarrhea. There below the ribs are the pancreas and the spleen situated, and it's the spleen which is interesting in this case. The feeling of "contraction" might be that the spleen is working too hard. The spleen's functions is to act as a lymphatic node and filter the blood, and something has caused the need of extra blood filtering and extra immunologic defence for your body. At the same time the stomach reacts by over producing gastric juice - hence your heartburn. The reason of this is that you have eaten something your body can't handle well and thus recognizes as harmful to you.
If you recognize your symptoms in what's written above then it's highly likely that your digestion can't handle wheat and cereals. It does not have to mean than you are gluten intolerant but your body might have trouble producing certain enzymes necessary to break down wheat and similar - maybe because you have eaten too much of such foods. The over-production of gastric acid might be an attempt of your body to compensate the lack of these enzymes.
Do like this:
  • Stop eating wheat and cereals altogether. Eat more fruits and nuts instead. Fruit fibres have the same function as cereal fibres but are much more healthy for the body.
  • Eat less carbohydrates. Continue eat rice, corn and potatoes but make such foods a smaller slice of your food circle.
  • Swap wheat based pasta for rice noodles and naturally gluten-free pasta completely free from wheat and similar, based on corn- and rice-flour instead.
  • Reduce the amount of salt you are using - and here's a cliché: Without reducing the taste. Use for instance bouillon powder instead of ordinary salt.
  • Eat fat fish and small animals from the sea. Mankind's step from being monkeys and the development of our brains began during a period when we started to hunt small animals along beaches in Africa. Our nails are flat in order to pry open clams and nuts. Our nerve systems needs fish oils and taurine from clams and such in order to work properly. If you get enough taurine you might even begin to be able to see the infra-red light on your remote after a while - taurine is good for the eyes. Taurine is found in many so called "energy drinks" such as Powerking and Red Bull.
  • Never stuff yourself. Especially many men have grown up being imprinted with the idea that they have to eat up everything which is put on the plate, and if there's something left in the pots then it's their duty to push it down - nothing should go to waste. So the reason for the potbelly, the sour belchings, the near vomit experiences and the hypersensitivity against onions (and other foodstuff causing flatulence) is no greater mystery, is it? Stop eating when you're comfortably satisfied.
  • Avoid being without food for too long periods of time. Eat small amounts often and slowly.
  • Treat yourself with a pizza if you really want one, but see to that the dough is well baked, preferably close to being burned.
  • Forget the myth that sugar is dangerous. Almost everything we eat are broken down into simple sugar molecules - glucose - in our digestion and the brain's fuel is almost 100% glucose. Artificial sweeteners such as for instance aspartame could be harmful since they pass through the membranes of the brain were only glucose normally should pass, once through the cell membranes these sweeteners can't be broken down and some of them are left in the cells. Sugar is only dangerous if it's not used up by the body (or if you do not brush your teeth). So eat what you want but exercise thereafter. "Let your body decide". If you eat too little sugar you endure less.
  • And last, but perhaps most important; your heartburn might be caused by such a simple thing as that you do not drink enough of plain ordinary water. If you for instance get heartburn during exercise then begin drinking a glass of pure non-carbonated water just minutes before training and see if that helps.
I don't want to draw parallels to "the Atkins-diet" even if it lies quite close. You do not need to spend large sums on Atkins-products, what's mentioned above is sufficient.

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