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Tired eyes? Hyperopia? Myopia? Eye training: Exercise your eyes and see better

Thursday, 26 May 2005

Tired eyes? Hyperopia? Myopia? Eye training: Exercise your eyes and see better - perhaps you also will be able to get rid of your glasses and loose some headache in the deal

It's not unusual that visual defects and headache is the result of people using their eyes in the wrong way and that they never exercise their eyes. To sit for hours and stare into a book or a computer screen at the same distance and from the same angle is for the muscles of the eye the same thing as it is for the legs to sit still on an aeroplane or a train for several hours - the problem is that people in today's society have gotten used to this eye torment and take hardly no notice of it. This has gone so far that for some the muscles of the eye are so stiff that they rather turn the whole head than just the eyes when seeing something in the periphery.
The eyes needs training, and if you utilize the following simple exercises it might even happen that you can discard your reading glasses after a while.
Do like this:
  • The first part of the eye exercise is good for the muscles surrounding the eyeball. Look at something on the right in your field of vision. Keep your eyes on that object and turn your head to the left as far as possible without loosing sight of whatever you've choose to look at. Do the same thing but in reverse; fix your stare at something on the left and turn your head rightwards as far as you can. Repeat the procedure in all directions; up and down and in the four diagonal directions. Repeat the entire exercise a few times.
    The first times you perform this exercise you will probably experience some pain and perhaps even headache and nausea - but those symptoms will disappear in time and are signs that you really are in need of this exercise. But be careful.
    It might be a good idea not to perform this exercise on the bus or in similar circumstances - people might believe that you are having a seizure of some kind.
  • The second part of the eye training prevents the lens of the eye from getting stiff and exercises the small muscles inside the eye which shape the lens and thus help you focus on things you look at. Hold up your finger in front of you and focus on it. Move the finger towards you as close as you can get without loosing focus. Then look outside the window and focus on the horizon. Repeat a few times.

Eye training

Many visual defects such as myopia - short-sightedness - and hyperopia - long-sightedness are a result of that the eyeball is not perfectly spherical. Many times myopia is the result of the growth of the brain which has "flattened" the eyeball from behind. The exercises described above might if practised regularly help shape the eyeball into a more spherical shape and thus also improve your sight.

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