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Cure / get rid of headache without pills - simple pain relief.

Thursday, 26 May 2005 Some of my friends thinks I've got a few handy methods to cure common nuisances and believe that I ought to share these methods. Not that it has much to do with art, but OK then:

Cure / get rid of headache without pills - simple pain relief.

Headache is almost never located in the brain. There is actually not much ability at all to sense pain in the mass of the brain - surgeons do for instance not use anaesthetics on the brain when they perform brain surgery. Headache is almost always located in the muscles of the head - caused by tension built up during long time in these muscles. You can perform a simple self-test by pressing with your fingers on certain locations on the head.

The two most common physical locations of headache are located at the places where the jaw-muscles are attached, right behind the jaw below the ears and at the temples. You should not feel any pain if you apply pressure on these two spots (see illustration) and are completely relaxed. It will though hurt quite a lot I presume, especially at the spot behind the jaw - this is a condition that people in common sadly enough has gotten used to as something completely natural.
In many martial arts disciplines there actually are grips that takes advantage of these spots in order to neutralize or even paralyze adversaries.

Such tricks has no effect on balanced individuals. The cause of this pain is that you clench your teeth - stiff upper lip - and you need to do some exercises in order to put an end to that behaviour so that you can get rid of your headache at its origin. This is what you should do:

  • Be observant and never let your rows of teeth meet each other any other times than when you are chewing something. There's no need to go around gaping like a fish - it's easily achievable to keep your lips closed without letting the teeth meet each other - but a small ventilation hole makes things easier.
  • Open your mouth wide and rotate the jaws from time to time. Snapping, crackling and clicking sounds from the jaws are usually nothing to worry about, it might even hurt some in the beginning - but that will cease in time.
  • Shoulders in level with your ears? Drop them and make rotating movements with them. ...The shoulders, not the ears - but it did indeed look quite impressive I must admit.
  • Are you always knitting your brows? Stop that.
  • Tip your head slowly to the sides and stretch out the muscles of the neck.
  • To massage the aching spots works temporarily if you also at the same time try to figure out where you got to relax in order to get rid of the pain more permanently.
  • Exercise. The human body needs physical work. Nothing is better against physical tension than running uphill a ski-slope for instance. Painful in the beginning but a pleasure after a while when you realize that you can make it - and to be able to run up a ski-slope is self-esteem and prestige everywhere.
  • Drink enough water - but not too much. Headache is also often a result of dehydration, but also the opposite, that some nowadays drink too much water and thus dilute the nutrient fluids in the body causing abstinence of sorts.
Even headache due to abstinence can be partly cured with the methods above since abstinence headache caused by for instance lack of coffee mainly sits in the same tensed spots as described above. Headache due to lack of coffee is no reason to stop drinking coffee though. Coffee contains lots of antioxidants and it's also rumoured that coffee might work preventive against some neurological diseases, such as parkinson's for instance.

Another common cause of headache are tensions in the muscles of the eye. See previous post for advice on how to tackle such.

More handy tips and remedies:

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