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Swedish traditions: : Typical Swedish Midsummer celebration- Svenska traditioner: Svensk midsommar.


Swedish traditions: : Typical Swedish Midsummer celebration
- Svenska traditioner: Svensk midsommar.


We celebrated Midsummer with my brother Thomas and his wife Maria and their children (and their children) as usual this year - it has become a pleasant tradition.

Here's a May pole being made, a stick is covered with green leafs and flowers.

A sacrificial dog is chosen.

May pole - Midsummer pole

The May pole is being raised. It's common to dance silly dances such as "The small frogs" and "We are all musicians" around the pole, but when this photo was taken we weren't drunk enough, and later when we were we just didn't bother.
I think we're getting old or something, in other words; nowadays a no is a no.

It's tradition to eat different kind of fish in marinade and fresh potatoes (nypärer in Swedish), but we usually grill instead. (Not that there was any lack of fish at the table, at least three different kinds were present) Since we all brought with us more meat than we possible could eat ourselves no one needed to go hungry. Pure Atkins diet...

Svensk midsommar - Swedish Midsummer


Inte en hundring - ett hundstreck

Inte en hundring men ett hundstreck...

Three of the five dogs present.

Later in the evening me, M and my brother went up the mountain beside my brother's house. The house is nicely seated on the opposite side of the small lake below, Bergasjön.
In the top middle of the picture you can see the church of Njurunda - Njurunda Kyrka. On the field to the left is a rune stone, you can't see it in this picture though.

This is an ancient place indeed, once this was the sea shore. At that time a ship loaded with flour capsized here, and with the wind flour was spread all over the place, making it look like winter in places, hence its name "Mjösund" - "flour strait". Nowadays the sea is 5 kilometres away to the east.

Drinking Black Boss beer at Berga.

I'm drinking Black Boss beer and eating cheese in the sunset. Few of the mosquitoes present were able to fly straight this evening.

yawning dog

We left my brother's house in about 4-5 in the morning. Me, M (she took the picture of the yawning dog) and my brother were the only ones still awake.
M and I borrowed two bicycles and meandered our way to my parent's home where we spent the night.

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