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I just performed the last taps of programming on the totally revamped site. It's green, and the design will probably make any tight-assed Internet design guru feel slightly nauseated. Which I enjoy.

ArtLinkSwap has passed on a lot of visitors to its members during the years, but the site itself has been poor in content.
I've thought of ways to change this, and now I've not only changed the layout, added a few helpful tutorials and made the site less a part of but also made a few new programs for the site.

Members are now able to create a free portfolio with samples of their art and a presentation of themselves and/or their business, they can if they wish also equip their portfolio with a "chatbox" where visitors and other members can leave them messages. The portfolio directory works as a toplist, and the more points a member has earned the better the placement in the list.

So, if you own an artsy site, join the Art Link Swap ASAP - it's a win-win thing.


36 new pictures of flowers and insect pictures -

36 nya bilder på blommor och bilder på insekter.

Flower pictures, pictures of insects - Blommor bilder, bilder på insekter

The season changes, old flowers wither and new bloom. So do the insects living on them.
Some tend to see close-up pictures of flowers as erotic, and yes, you will find a rather explicit threesome among these shots. I took these photos during two hours outside my toolshop in my parents's garden, a soothing break - you do not always need to travel far to find the most amazing things. Going up and down the size axis is also to travel in a dimension, and I think it's the closest way to the science fiction and fantasy many of us need and so much are longing for in our everyday lives.
These pictures can be seen as a sequel to the earlier flower picture slideshow I made in June.
Click on [Start] or [>>] to begin.

Årstiden förändras, gamla blommor vittrar och nya blommar upp. Så också insekterna vilka lever på dem.
En del tenderar att se närbilder på blommor som erotiska, och visst, du hittar en mycket explicit trekant bland dessa bilder. Jag tog dessa 36 foton under ca. två timmar utanför min verkstad i mina föräldrars trädgård, en helande rast - du behöver inte alltid resa långt för att upptäcka de mest fascinerande ting. Att röra sig upp och ner i storlek är också att resa i en dimension, och jag antar att det är den närmaste vägen till den science fiction och fantasy så många av oss trånar efter och behöver i vardagen.
Dessa bilder kan ses som en fortsättning på de tidigare blombilder jag tog i juni.
Klicka på [Start] eller [>>].

bilder på blomor - Flower pictures

2005-07-30 Today is my birthday, I'm turning 32 or something. The 30th of July hasn't always been considered my birthday, until I was twelve everyone believed I was born on the 31st (Yes - like Harry Potter). It was about then I got the idea to look at my birth certificate.

I have as usual not arranged any particular celebrations, I bought a large chocolate cake (1.3 kilos!) at Lidl in case someone turns up. Wheat flour and such aren't particularly healthy for me, but when it comes to pizza and cakes I won't let that stand between me and them.

M gave me a cake slicer which plays a melody when someone touches it - perhaps it's some kind of revenge for the Multi Wonder.
Birthday cake picture
Now look what you're missing..


Since I'm allegedly is an artist and this though is an artist blog, people on occasion might wonder why I don't write more about art here. And yes, that is what I intended, and that is what I will. Why I've laid low on the art stuff lately is because the art stuff I'm currently up to is actually quite boring to explain in depth and it would also stretch this blog too far into Nerdland. What I'm doing is that I'm updating the Art Link Swap site, making it less a part of and more a site with its own content.
Amongst other things the banner exchange program will also work as a top list and Art Link Swap members will be able to create their own portfolios with samples of their work.
For those of you that care, I'm making all the programming in [pP]erl, I'm still slightly suspicious of PHP and such new-fangled stuff.
Below you can see some preliminary result of my work.Pikachu picture - Allvarligt undantagsfel

One of the Snöberg Kittens in M's lap.

2005-07-23 Today is M's birthday (32, she's a week older than me) and her mother persuaded her to celebrate it with them (using newborn kittens as a bait), so we travelled the 120 kilometres to Snöberg where M's mother lives with her husband and M's younger brother. Totem poleWe arrived the day before her birthday, in time for the annual country festival in Byberget, close to Snöberg.
Country music certainly isn't quite my cup of tea (this, this and this is), but what the hell, a festival is a festival.
Country people
Not so lonesome cowboys in the sunset.

People were a bit stiff in the beginning. But after some sips of whiskey Skogsblomman and a few ice cold beers... (that's how they drink 'em in The West)

...quite soon the party was ON.
Cowboy and noose
Later on there were plans to summon a posse and lynch the village fool but M's brother wanted us to leave early so we missed that.

It's hard to find good presents for M and I usually end up with something more useful than fun. She likes vegetables so I got her a Multi Wonder, it's one of those cutting things with which you can do almost anything with a tomato or similar except putting it together again.


Det är dags för Gatufesten i Sundsvall. Folk som länge sedan flytt denna hålan återvänder för att berusa sig på dåligt öl och pröva på att vara parkbänksalkoholister för några dagar. Ett utmärkt tillfälle att träffa folk du undvikit övriga året.
Här nedan är en diashow med 10 bilder jag tagit i dag och i går. Klicka på [Start] för att börja.

It's time for the annual Street Feast in Sundsvall. People who have long ago escaped this hole returns in order to get drunk on daft beer and try the life of park bench alcoholics for a few days. An excellent opportunity to meet and chat with people you usually avoid.
Below is a slideshow with 10 pictures I took today and yesterday. Click on [Start] to begin.

  • Bilder från Gatufesten 2006.

  • At the river delta

    2005-07-02 We went to Bergeforsen to deliver the painting I sold in Tivsjö. On the way there we took a detour down to the river delta.
    Warm sand for naked feet. This is how things should be all around the year.
    But on days like this in Sweden you can't avoid being aware about winter lurking like a minor death just a few months away.

    Fender Stratos Coaster


    Me an my mother went up to Tivsjö Art / Goat Lodge to take down my exhibition which ended yesterday. I sold one painting which quite exactly covered the expenses for the exhibition - the usual procedure. They have a lot of animals and stuff in Tivsjö, 60 or so goats, lots of different birds, cows... Quite a little zoo. So I took a few pictures.

    Picture of goats - bild på getter.

    They are performing some interesting genetical experiments in Tivsjö in order to produce a hybrid between a pig and a bear, the big. As you can see on the pictures below they've become rather successful in their attempts.

    Big pig - Stor gris.Big pig - Stor gris.

    Mor och jag var upp till Tivsjö Konstloge / Getloge för att plocka ner min utställning som avslutades i går. Sålde en tavla vilket ganska exakt täckte utgifterna för utställningen - som vanligt. De har en hel del djur i Tivsjö, något över 60 getter, massor av fåglar etc. Nästan som ett litet zoo. Så jag tog några bilder.
    De håller på med ett intressant genetiskt experiment i Tivsjö där de försöker få fram en hybrid mellan gris och björn (se bilderna ovan) - en griszly.

    Peacock - Påfågel


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