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2005-05-28 I continue to fix the Draconaut. Here I'm fastening a new collar for the bubble helmet. I use this kind of soft pipe insulation because I'm not stupider than that I managed to figure out when I first made the Draconaut that someone sooner or later would manage to destroy the bubble helmet, and using a soft material for the collar would make it much easier to replace the helmet.

The Draconaut's "bubble helmet" is actually a globe for a street light. It's made of plexiglass. A polycarbonate globe would have been more durable, but it's hard to find such a globe in the correct size, and it would cost perhaps ten times as much as the plexiglass alternative. Since the Draconaut should spend its remaining days away from the street in a safe show window durability against wear and tear from profanum vulgus isn't a priority any longer.

The street light globe must be modified; the original fastening collar on the globe is too narrow for the dragons cow-like head so it has to be cut off. I've saved the pieces I've sawed off from earlier globes, that makes measuring the chunk which is going to be removed a lot easier.
This is the fourth time the Draconaut gets a new helmet.

    Next time out in the toolshop I'm going to fix the paint and attach the dragon's HUD. Hopefully that's it for this time, I've had too little time to spend on my other arts lately and I'm quite tired on this dragon by now.

Perpetual motion mobile - perpeetum mobile

The leftover fastening collar from the globe can be recycled into other projects, such as perpetual motion mobiles for instance.

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2005.05.27 Big interview with me in the City Magazine today (Headline: Art, visions and red wine):
Nöjesmagasinet City - Sundsvall
Stor intervju med mig i Nöjesmagasinet City i dag.
Hämta ditt ex. gratis på stan.

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torsdagen den 26 maj 2005 Some of my friends thinks I've got a few handy methods to cure common nuisances and believe that I ought to share these methods. Not that it has much to do with art, but OK then:

Cure / get rid of headache without pills - simple pain relief.

Headache is almost never located in the brain. There is actually not much ability at all to sense pain in the mass of the brain - surgeons do for instance not use anaesthetics on the brain when they perform brain surgery. Headache is almost always located in the muscles of the head - caused by tension built up during long time in these muscles. You can perform a simple self-test by pressing with your fingers on certain locations on the head.

The two most common physical locations of headache are located at the places where the jaw-muscles are attached, right behind the jaw below the ears and at the temples. You should not feel any pain if you apply pressure on these two spots (see illustration) and are completely relaxed. It will though hurt quite a lot I presume, especially at the spot behind the jaw - this is a condition that people in common sadly enough has gotten used to as something completely natural.
In many martial arts disciplines there actually are grips that takes advantage of these spots in order to neutralize or even paralyze adversaries.

Such tricks has no effect on balanced individuals. The cause of this pain is that you clench your teeth - stiff upper lip - and you need to do some exercises in order to put an end to that behaviour so that you can get rid of your headache at its origin. This is what you should do:

  • Be observant and never let your rows of teeth meet each other any other times than when you are chewing something. There's no need to go around gaping like a fish - it's easily achievable to keep your lips closed without letting the teeth meet each other - but a small ventilation hole makes things easier.
  • Open your mouth wide and rotate the jaws from time to time. Snapping, crackling and clicking sounds from the jaws are usually nothing to worry about, it might even hurt some in the beginning - but that will cease in time.
  • Shoulders in level with your ears? Drop them and make rotating movements with them. ...The shoulders, not the ears - but it did indeed look quite impressive I must admit.
  • Are you always knitting your brows? Stop that.
  • Tip your head slowly to the sides and stretch out the muscles of the neck.
  • To massage the aching spots works temporarily if you also at the same time try to figure out where you got to relax in order to get rid of the pain more permanently.
  • Exercise. The human body needs physical work. Nothing is better against physical tension than running uphill a ski-slope for instance. Painful in the beginning but a pleasure after a while when you realize that you can make it - and to be able to run up a ski-slope is self-esteem and prestige everywhere.
  • Drink enough water - but not too much. Headache is also often a result of dehydration, but also the opposite, that some nowadays drink too much water and thus dilute the nutrient fluids in the body causing abstinence of sorts.
Even headache due to abstinence can be partly cured with the methods above since abstinence headache caused by for instance lack of coffee mainly sits in the same tensed spots as described above. Headache due to lack of coffee is no reason to stop drinking coffee though. Coffee contains lots of antioxidants and it's also rumoured that coffee might work preventive against some neurological diseases, such as parkinson's for instance.

Another common cause of headache are tensions in the muscles of the eye. See previous post for advice on how to tackle such.

More handy tips and remedies:

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torsdagen den 26 maj 2005

Tired eyes? Hyperopia? Myopia? Eye training: Exercise your eyes and see better - perhaps you also will be able to get rid of your glasses and loose some headache in the deal

It's not unusual that visual defects and headache is the result of people using their eyes in the wrong way and that they never exercise their eyes. To sit for hours and stare into a book or a computer screen at the same distance and from the same angle is for the muscles of the eye the same thing as it is for the legs to sit still on an aeroplane or a train for several hours - the problem is that people in today's society have gotten used to this eye torment and take hardly no notice of it. This has gone so far that for some the muscles of the eye are so stiff that they rather turn the whole head than just the eyes when seeing something in the periphery.
The eyes needs training, and if you utilize the following simple exercises it might even happen that you can discard your reading glasses after a while.
Do like this:
  • The first part of the eye exercise is good for the muscles surrounding the eyeball. Look at something on the right in your field of vision. Keep your eyes on that object and turn your head to the left as far as possible without loosing sight of whatever you've choose to look at. Do the same thing but in reverse; fix your stare at something on the left and turn your head rightwards as far as you can. Repeat the procedure in all directions; up and down and in the four diagonal directions. Repeat the entire exercise a few times.
    The first times you perform this exercise you will probably experience some pain and perhaps even headache and nausea - but those symptoms will disappear in time and are signs that you really are in need of this exercise. But be careful.
    It might be a good idea not to perform this exercise on the bus or in similar circumstances - people might believe that you are having a seizure of some kind.
  • The second part of the eye training prevents the lens of the eye from getting stiff and exercises the small muscles inside the eye which shape the lens and thus help you focus on things you look at. Hold up your finger in front of you and focus on it. Move the finger towards you as close as you can get without loosing focus. Then look outside the window and focus on the horizon. Repeat a few times.

Eye training

Many visual defects such as myopia - short-sightedness - and hyperopia - long-sightedness are a result of that the eyeball is not perfectly spherical. Many times myopia is the result of the growth of the brain which has "flattened" the eyeball from behind. The exercises described above might if practised regularly help shape the eyeball into a more spherical shape and thus also improve your sight.

More handy tips and remedies:

torsdagen den 26 maj 2005

Get rid of / cure heartburn without pills - stop eating wheat and cereals

Are you experiencing heartburn almost all the time?
Do you always keep a couple of antacid pills in your pocket?
Your heartburn might be caused by something completely different than stress and strain. Particularly if you also feel an unpleasant contraction below the ribs in the left side of your body and often have diarrhea. There below the ribs are the pancreas and the spleen situated, and it's the spleen which is interesting in this case. The feeling of "contraction" might be that the spleen is working too hard. The spleen's functions is to act as a lymphatic node and filter the blood, and something has caused the need of extra blood filtering and extra immunologic defence for your body. At the same time the stomach reacts by over producing gastric juice - hence your heartburn. The reason of this is that you have eaten something your body can't handle well and thus recognizes as harmful to you.
If you recognize your symptoms in what's written above then it's highly likely that your digestion can't handle wheat and cereals. It does not have to mean than you are gluten intolerant but your body might have trouble producing certain enzymes necessary to break down wheat and similar - maybe because you have eaten too much of such foods. The over-production of gastric acid might be an attempt of your body to compensate the lack of these enzymes.
Do like this:
  • Stop eating wheat and cereals altogether. Eat more fruits and nuts instead. Fruit fibres have the same function as cereal fibres but are much more healthy for the body.
  • Eat less carbohydrates. Continue eat rice, corn and potatoes but make such foods a smaller slice of your food circle.
  • Swap wheat based pasta for rice noodles and naturally gluten-free pasta completely free from wheat and similar, based on corn- and rice-flour instead.
  • Reduce the amount of salt you are using - and here's a cliché: Without reducing the taste. Use for instance bouillon powder instead of ordinary salt.
  • Eat fat fish and small animals from the sea. Mankind's step from being monkeys and the development of our brains began during a period when we started to hunt small animals along beaches in Africa. Our nails are flat in order to pry open clams and nuts. Our nerve systems needs fish oils and taurine from clams and such in order to work properly. If you get enough taurine you might even begin to be able to see the infra-red light on your remote after a while - taurine is good for the eyes. Taurine is found in many so called "energy drinks" such as Powerking and Red Bull.
  • Never stuff yourself. Especially many men have grown up being imprinted with the idea that they have to eat up everything which is put on the plate, and if there's something left in the pots then it's their duty to push it down - nothing should go to waste. So the reason for the potbelly, the sour belchings, the near vomit experiences and the hypersensitivity against onions (and other foodstuff causing flatulence) is no greater mystery, is it? Stop eating when you're comfortably satisfied.
  • Avoid being without food for too long periods of time. Eat small amounts often and slowly.
  • Treat yourself with a pizza if you really want one, but see to that the dough is well baked, preferably close to being burned.
  • Forget the myth that sugar is dangerous. Almost everything we eat are broken down into simple sugar molecules - glucose - in our digestion and the brain's fuel is almost 100% glucose. Artificial sweeteners such as for instance aspartame could be harmful since they pass through the membranes of the brain were only glucose normally should pass, once through the cell membranes these sweeteners can't be broken down and some of them are left in the cells. Sugar is only dangerous if it's not used up by the body (or if you do not brush your teeth). So eat what you want but exercise thereafter. "Let your body decide". If you eat too little sugar you endure less.
  • And last, but perhaps most important; your heartburn might be caused by such a simple thing as that you do not drink enough of plain ordinary water. If you for instance get heartburn during exercise then begin drinking a glass of pure non-carbonated water just minutes before training and see if that helps.
I don't want to draw parallels to "the Atkins-diet" even if it lies quite close. You do not need to spend large sums on Atkins-products, what's mentioned above is sufficient.

More handy tips and remedies:

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torsdagen den 26 maj 2005

Cure acne - get rid of pimples

You do not get acne from chocolate or strong spices. Or, yes, you will get acne from chocolate, but not because you eat it. You get pimples because you touch yourself in the face when you eat chocolate. When you poke around in your face with dirty fingers - you might have a habit of leaning your head against your hand or stroke your chin when you think - you are massaging bacteria and dirt into sensitive pores which will then turn into pimples.
You could also suffer from acne as a symptom of (usually) intestinal problems. If you get pimples in symmetrical patterns in your face, especially along the jawlines, it can be either a symptom of IBS - Irritated Bowel Syndrome - colon irritabile, that you stress to much and thus upset your stomach, or that you eat things that aren't good for you - or all of those alternatives. The article on heartburn might help you put a stop to such acne.
Follow these advises in order to get rid of pimples:
  • Stop touching your face. See to that areas where you have acne aren't covered or irritated by shirt-collars or caps - especially not dirty such.
  • Do not dry out the skin. Do not wash your skin with dehydrating anti-acne solutions. Such solutions cause the skin to produce more fat which in turns increases the risk of blocking the skin's pores.
  • Wash your face with pure water only - do not use soap or alcohol based solutions. Do not rinse your face with cold water after shaving in order to "close the pores" - rinse with skin warm water and let the pores breathe instead.
  • Do not shave yourself the wrong way. Shave in the same direction as the hairs grow. If you shave in the opposite direction you will cut off small pieces of the skin which is lifted up with the hairs. The sore skin will then probably get infected - it's far better with bristles than red pus-filled spots.
  • Carefully squeeze pus-filled pimples. It's more likely that you will get worse scars from suppurations that are left to heal for themselves than from cleaned out "craters". Do use lots of disinfectants though and powder the wound with non-scented baby powder or similar in order to keep it dry and clean.
  • Use a skin lotion which contains carbamide in order to keep your skin moisturized after you washed yourself. Carbamide tunes your skin's moisture balance in a natural way. Eventually you could mix in some weak cortisone-gel if your skin is irritated.
  • Sunbathe. Adequate exposure to the sun helps the body to create vitamin D which is good for the immune system.
  • Exercise and take a sauna. The skin needs to sweat - don't be afraid of that - in order to get clean in depth.
Follow the advices above and you will most likely have much less trouble with acne and pimples. It's never necessary to spend large sums on miracle promising anti-acne cures - none of them work other than that they temporarily dehydrate the skin which will eventually worsen your problems.
And remember - the pimple is always worst in the mirror you are looking in.

More handy tips and remedies:

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The Draconaut before renovation.

2005-05-26 It's probably summer now, (even if things looked like this one night just a week ago >), and that means that it's time to put the dragons in the Dragon Parade out on display again, and "my" dragon, the Draconaut, is in bad need of renovation.

One night a week ago.

To begin with I fetched it from its winter storage and washed it clean from dust, dried in beer, piss and whatnot. There's quite a lot to fix; The bubble helmet is crushed, the HUD (Heads Up Display) is stolen, there's damage on the paintjob all over and a few holes in the fibre glass - aprox. two days work. Luckily the Draconaut is due to retirement and will not be put out on the street again but will instead

be put on display in Cybercom's show-window. In order to fit in the window the dragon's footing must be removed, which I did today. I also made a new HUD in polycarbonate.
Fibre glass dust sure know how to itch.

(To be continued)

Later in the evening it was time for my princess, M, to participate in "Vårruset" - translates as "The Spring Rush" -

Vårruset - Sundsvall
The green arrow indicates M.

an annual 5 kilometres rather laidback run for women only. She has joined me on some of my runs for the past months and I've somewhat coached her for this event, this was the first time she managed to run the entire 5k. She didn't win though, even if I believe her capable of that in the future.

onsdagen den 25 maj 2005 En del av mina vänner anser att jag har en hel del användbara metoder till att bota vanliga åkommor och tycker att jag borde dela med mig av dessa metoder. Inte för att det har mycket med konst att göra, men OK då:

Bota / bli av med huvudvärk utan piller - enkel naturlig smärtlindring.

Huvudvärk sitter i stort sett aldrig i hjärnan. Det finns helt enkelt inte mycket till känsel i själva hjärnan - man bedövar t.ex. inte hjärnan när man opererar den. Huvudvärken sitter i stort sett alltid i huvudets muskler - s.k. spänningshuvudvärk - och beror på att man under lång tid byggt upp spänningar i dessa muskler. Du kan göra en enkel självtest genom att pressa med fingrarna på vissa punkter på huvudet.

De två vanligaste fysiska platserna huvudvärk är belägen på är fästena för käkmusklerna strax bakom käken och i tinningarna. Om du pressar på dessa punkter (markerade på illustrationen) ska du om du är avslappnad inte känna någon smärta. Troligtvis gör det mycket ont då du trycker bakom käken - detta är en "folksjukdom" som tyvärr många vant sig med som något naturligt. Det finns t.ex. grepp inom många kampsporter som går ut på att utnyttja dessa "smärtpunkter" till att oskadliggöra och till och med förlama motståndare.

Sådana grepp har ingen verkan på balanserade individer. Orsaken till denna smärta är att du biter ihop käkarna - stiff upper lip - och du behöver träna bort detta beteende för att bli av med din huvudvärk. Så här gör du:

  • Se till att aldrig låta dina tandrader möta varandra förutom när du tuggar något. Du behöver inte gå omkring och gapa som en fisk - det går bra att ha läpparna stängda utan att tänderna ligger mot varandra - men ett litet "lufthål" underlättar.
  • Gapa stort och rotera med käkarna lite då och då. Det är i regel inte farligt att det kanske knäpper och knastrar i käkarna och till och med gör ont i början.
  • Släpp ned axlarna och rotera med dem då och då.
  • Rynkar du pannan? Drar du upp ögonbrynen? Sluta med det.
  • Tippa huvudet långsamt åt sidorna och sträck ut nackmusklerna.
  • Att med fingrarna massera de smärtsamma muskelfästena fungerar tillfälligt om du också känner efter var du måste slappna av samtidigt för att bli av med smärtan.
  • Se till att motionera. Människroppen är gjord för att arbeta. Inget är så bra mot kroppsliga spänningar som att jogga uppför t.ex. en slalombacke. Plågsamt i början men en njutning efter ett tag när du känner att du klarar det - och att klara att jogga uppför en slalombacke är självkänsla (och prestige i alla läger).
  • Drick tillräckligt med vatten - men inte för mycket. Huvudvärk uppkommer också ofta av vätskebrist, men lika ofta att man dricker för mycket och därmed späder ut näringsvätskorna för mycket - med en slags abstinens som konsekvens.
Även s.k. abstinenshuvudvärk kan också mildras med denna metod, då abstinenshuvudvärk efter t.ex. kaffe till större delen består av samma spänningar som beskrivs ovan. Abstinenshuvudvärk av kaffe är dock ingen orsak att sluta med kaffe då kaffe innehåller många nyttiga antioxidanter och även verkar motverka en del sjukdomar som t.ex. parkinsons.
En nästan lika vanlig orsak till huvudvärk är spänningar i ögonens muskler. Se föregående inlägg om ögonträning för hur du hanterar sådant.

Mer tips och bot:

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