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This is a list of things I've committed and written about in my blog, things that then have been heavily linked to from other blogs and sites such as eBaum's World, Fark,, Buzz, Blarf, Lä etc. etc.

So, what has this done for me then? - Six million visitors and none the richer.

Street art cats:
The Swedish Political Soundboard
En Svensk Tiger i Solna - A Swedish Tiger
Kungen och drottningen...
von Lidl
Jantelagen och Den Svenska Avundsjukan
The Artist Diet
Monkey Business 1
Monkey Business 2
The Tiananmen Monument
Ingen Big Deal
Private Number
Studio Safari
Kuken ska ha sitt! (Swedish)
The Flying Dragon
Running Music

Some nice MP3 tracks for your run. Most of them completely free and legal.

A Dark God Returns
Small Game Hunting
How to Peel an Orange
How to Draw an Ellipse
How to Stop Farting
How to Cast Cement Sculptures

...or not.

The Myling: The Hidden Child
The Speed Camera Woodpecker
Urban Exploration

Urban exploration photos of a rather steam-punkish, huge, abandoned industrial complex.

Ordinary Day Weirdness: The Blood Flower
Magic Checklist
Brown Ping-Pong Balls of the Baltic
Duck-bites Suicide

I count to more than ten people in my surrounding, of my generation, that have died of suicide so far.

The Dick-Fairy
My Complete Collection of Invicta Plastic Dinosaurs
Ordinary Day Weirdness: Fish
How To Dominate the Internet

Some SEO if you're interested.

Windows Vista - before and after
Five Strange Antiquities
The Cat Agent from the Future (Video)
The Hard Rock Cafe Exhibit
Pseudo Movement Animations (1), (2)
Recension av SVTs "Arty" (Swedish)
Pictures of Mushrooms
The One-Eyed Snake
Spiders who cuddle (In 3D!)
How to Make a Cat Tail Brush
Car Porn
Höger-vänsterskalan förklarad (Swedish)
Mangoraja Recipe
Moose Graffiti

"Poor moose!!"

Gatufesten 2006

Pictures from the annual street feast in city Sundsvall.

Using Your Psychic Powers
Make Your Own Arch Supports
Eden Mor nude pics...
Tail or No Tail
Animals on Skansen

Animal photos from Skansen, a Zoo in Stockholm.

The LED Artcrime Tutorial

I've heard rumours that this should be one of the things that inspired the Aqua Teen Hunger Force-Boston incident.

A Box of 1-Up Shrooms
The Aristocrats
Out in the Sticks
Bonding with Your Cat
World's Largest Strawberry

This post got close to 18 000 visitors in one day.

The Druid at Lidl
The Retrieving Cat (video)
A trip to the British Natural History Museum
A Giant Cat
The Shamanistic Mirror Technique

Communicate with other worlds.

Artist Mackerel Breakfast
How To Make a Cafe Latte
Sundsvalls gatufest 2005

More pictures from the annual street feast.

Interesting Genetical Experiments in Tivsjö
Typical Swedish Midsummer Celebration

The self-help series:

Sunday Escapade Artcrime (Follow up)
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