Some facts about this domain;

The site receives more than 4000 actual visitors per day.

I, Max Magnus Norman, does all the work around here; programming CGI, Java, HTML, making the layout, translations, photos, etc. Maria helps me proof-read my English though. The program I use for most programming jobs is NoteTab, a more advanced version of Notepad.

How do I find the time for all this, besides also making all this art?
Well, turn that question the other way, why don't you find the time to do something similar with your calling?

Despite the fact that there is a lot of work I can't claim that I have a stressful life, or that it causes me to miss or go without things. Quite the opposite; I want more, more exhibitions, more projects, more action. But sometimes it seems like art in this country, Sweden, is a dead zone. But a look at my visitor-log at least indicates a great public interest in my doings.

This haven't made me rich, not yet. I have no capital, nor any patron of my arts. On the monetary plane I do not live, just survives.

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