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Magnum Opus


It's possible to order giclée prints from my paintings.
Giclée (pronounced "chicklee") prints are colour reproductions printed with seven colours, the prints are of highest possible quality. The prints are made with artist quality paint on canvas or water colour paper and are better both in colour and durability compared to other more traditional methods of art reproduction (such as lithographs and offset prints). A reproduction of this kind is so good that it takes a trained eye to see that it actually is a print and not a painting. The future investment value will probably end up somewhat higher than lithographs depending on how many prints that are in circulation.

So, if you wish to honour your walls and improve your surrounding's chi with my art then this is an alternative to consider seriously if you:

  • ...need several paintings with the same motif. No order is too small or too large. Since the master copy does not wear down any amount of prints can be made, a good idea if you want price-worthy art for your company - art for whole hotel interiors and restaurant interiors can be commissioned. Considering the originality of my art this would make a much better impression than if you would buy uninspired mass-produced paintings from some art factory - besides, this would probably cost you less; the cost for one of these prints which is made to last hundreds of years is lower than what some interior decoration firms charge to rent you a painting for only one year.
  • ...thinks the original painting is too expensive or has the wrong size. Sizes from postcard sizes up to 106 X 250 centimetres (42 x 99") can be printed. Since my paintings are very sharp and wealthy in detail there's no problem to make maximum size prints from the smallest of my originals.
  • ...if you are looking for an exclusive present or gift for one or many people, an alternative to the gold watch.
  • ...want to select the painting's frame yourself or rather would prefer my paintings on canvas. My original paintings are all painted on wood and has built in black frames. If this does not suit you then this is the opportunity to make your own choice. (I do recommend black frames for my art though,)
  • ...own one or more of my original paintings and want to make "safety copies" of them.

What differ these prints in quality and visually from the originals are amongst other things that the prints besides the texture from the canvas and varnishing are completely smooth, there's no texture from brush strokes and similar things and the visual effects in the original emanating from several opaque and transparent layers of paint is less apparent in the prints. Some people though think the prints make a "cleaner" expression than the originals.
I varnish the prints with gloss varnish, embellish them if the originals are illuminated, and put my special print seal on them - all this by hand. This seal is in some cases the only thing that makes it easy to spot the difference between prints and originals.
All prints are numbered and comes with signed authenticity certificates.

The numbers in the middle of the seal are, from the top, the year the print was made, below this the print's serial number. Generally the lower this number is the higher the future value to the collector becomes.


The prices and formats are examples and regard un-framed and un-mounted prints on canvas or water colour paper. There's no problem to make prints in other sizes than those listed below.
Freight costs are included, not express delivery though.

(Any motifs, standing or not)
(Maximum size on top)
Price single prints:
20% amount discount if the
order includes more than one print.
"TV-screen format"

131 x 106 cm
51 x 42"
5 500:-
€603 / $670
85 x 68 cm
34 x 27"
3 300:-
€362 / $402
50 x 40 cm
20 x 16"
1 900:-
€208 / $231
35 x 28 cm
14 x 11"
1 500:-
€165 / $183

106 x 106 cm
42 x 42"
5 000:-
€548 / $609
85 x 85 cm
34 x 34"
3 700:-
€406 / $451
50 x 50 cm
20 x 20"
2 350:-
€256 / $286
28 x 28 cm
11 x 11"
1 500:-
€165 / $183
Golden rectangle

171 x 106 cm
67 x 42"
7 500:-
€822 / $914
106 x 65 cm
42 x 26"
4 700:-
€515 / $572
81 x 50 cm
32 x 20"
3 750:-
€411 / $457
38 x 25 cm
15 x 10"
1 750:-
€192 / $213

Top five

These are currently the five most popular motifs sorted in order of popularity (click on the pictures for details):


Zero and nothing is the sum of the circle

On top of the world

Savage weapons of the heavens

Three souls for the White Horse

Here were monsters

If requested the following can be arranged:

Express delivery: Starts from 600:- (€65 / $73) (Insured freight with ordinary mail is included in the above prices.)


Payment in advance only. The cost to produce prints of this quality is so high that I can't spend this money in advance.
Payment via bank transfer, PayPal or cash.
If you should not be satisfied with the prints all money except the cost for printing and freight will be refunded.
The prints are usually delivered within 2-3 weeks, faster if a master copy is already made.

How to order

Use the form below and type in which paintings you want prints from and which sizes you want them in, then click on "Send". This is not binding in any way.
I'll contact you and let you know the final cost and available methods of payment.
The reason that I do not have information on payment here is that I do not want any money sent before I know it's possible to make prints from the requested painting.
When the money is in my possession I'll immediately start making prints from the selected painting/paintings and you will receive the finished prints via ordinary mail or by requested method of transport within a few weeks.
Please note that the cost of the printing (about 40% of the total sum) is non-refundable if printing is already in process.

Order / inquire form

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You can also reach me via telephone, mail or by visiting:

Max Magnus Norman
Nylandsvägen 19
S-862 91 Kvissleby

Telephone: +46 (0)60 155914