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The Ride

77 X 96 cm (30'' X 37'')
Oil on board
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What's been uttered about this one:

  • Posted by: shane Site 2006-08-23
      a great vision of a futter posability. but what is under their robes
  • Posted by: christopher t 2006-10-30
      did anybody notice the human on the high ledge please i hope he doesnt want to commit suicide i know this world seem ugly but i bet they are just normal humans under those robes and this is just a secret cult
  • Posted by: Jun 2007-10-08
      God, the greatest beauty about your pieces is that you don't provide any explanations to them, everything's open to interpretation.
      It's mind-jogging, inspiring, yet frustrating too. Is this a dystopian future? An alien planet? A different reality?