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Guestbook post No. 283
By johnny logan

Posted on Saturday, 12 April 2003 :

Thank you for being concerned
about keeping PC's clean from such
"BASTARDS' and their mallicious
programing. I have only had a computer since last November and at first it was fun to surf the net but lately I am getting so frustrated trying to keep my machine running correctly and I don't know alot so it is really hard. I recently discovered
that I have a ghost script writer somewhere that changes my commands and "controlls" what I can veiw and download! It also corrupts things and dissables me from getting my modem to connect
and I have to work hard to correct
the damage. Do you know anything about "branding"? I had a file reader that decrypted a file and to my surprise I saw a record of changes made to my system and
I am not happy! I tried to go back
and look at it tonight and found it was not in my veiwer where I left it.
Why does someone go to so much trouble to make me frustrated when
I am robbing no one and hurting no one with my computer????
Thanks again. -Johnny Logan

johnny logan

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