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from those who've written on water:

It was on Tuesday, September 9, 2003 and the time was 15:28:58 when Melissa wrote:

Awesome!! Are you for real!!? I can't believe that all this is made by one person!!!!

It was on Thursday, August 28, 2003 and the time was 17:52:28 when Soryn Coditsa wrote:

Hello there! Nice webpage! I like all of your arts!
Anyway if you have some time.. please come and take a look on my page as well!
Please submit your site here , if you wish to link exchange with my art gallery.
Best regards,
website: (Soryn's realistic art gallery)
Homepage: google search

It was on Monday, August 25, 2003 and the time was 12:33:06 when Tauqeer wrote:

plz send me a pic of sapce ship and also tell me abpot alines how they live

It was on Friday, August 22, 2003 and the time was 14:16:31 when Jana wrote:

Hello, I am impressed about your fantastic website! Really - good work and marvellous design! I will come back in order to see what is going up! O.K.?! :-D Best wishes till soon for your and your enterprise, bye
Homepage: Slowakei Holiday

It was on Sunday, August 10, 2003 and the time was 12:07:26 when Alex wrote:

Kool site Max-love the work dude.
Cracking stuff.
He hee those wobbly water waves are cleansing my soul!
best wishes
Homepage: Thinktank

It was on Wednesday, June 25, 2003 and the time was 22:38:03 when ERROL wrote:

i love you errol more than you'll ever know so i'm sending you this just to to express a small part of it.

It was on Saturday, July 19, 2003 and the time was 02:11:23 when Jay wrote:

Love how your site is setup - very unique!

It was on Saturday, July 5, 2003 and the time was 20:15:51 when lutz wrote:

Hey Max your artwork is very fantasi and i hope i come in the next time on the web and i wanted a new painting.Have a nice day and bye lutz from the bilderfactory,the gallery for portraits......

It was on Saturday, June 14, 2003 and the time was 23:45:47 when grannysue wrote:

Happened upon this site while seeking an answer on how to clean an oil painting stained from smoking. Fascinating site, so much to see. Amazing sculptural skills and unique paintings. Enjoyed the slide show. will be back for more, and will share this with my friends. Good job!!!

It was on Saturday, June 14, 2003 and the time was 03:28:27 when sean wrote:

dude when i look at your pictures they remind me of a feeling that i have
im lookin for something
this place is like a channel point for spirits
like we go to a movie, you know
and they come here...
and in dreams we can go there
your dreams just reminded me of mine
and it was nice to see that
i sometimes miss the fluidity of feelings and perception

It was on Friday, June 13, 2003 and the time was 19:33:59 when Ann wrote:

Vad kul att se bilder från syrien, jag har själv varit på nästan alla platser
där du har tagit kort. Skitsnygga målningar förresten.

It was on Friday, June 6, 2003 and the time was 12:27:22 when Mikaela wrote:

Tänkte bara säga att jag är helt såld på "Babelportalen"! En klar sporre för mig att spara ihop pengarna så jag så småningom kan se den i mitt hem och bli inspirerad av den. Den tar liksom "inte slut"...Skulle vara intressant att veta tankarna bakom bilden. Men i och för sig så räcker det med bilden sig.
Nöjer mig med att titta på datorn tills jag har den på väggen.
I'll be back!

Svar: Originalmålningen Babelportalen är tyvärr såld, dock kan den fortfarande beställas som gicl‚etryck, sådana tryck är så bra att få kan se att det är ett tryck och inte ett original. Babelportalen föreställer insidan av ett tempel man finner i "drömvärlden", en dimensionsportal.

It was on Thursday, June 5, 2003 and the time was 06:06:32 when anna wrote:

hallo! Sorry för allt påträngande vid jul.. Kram på dig

Svar: Hmm.. Det är möjligtvis inte en viss tennisspelare du egentligen är ute efter?

It was on Thursday, June 5, 2003 and the time was 06:05:26 when anna wrote:


It was on Thursday, May 29, 2003 and the time was 13:36:38 when Wain Snyder wrote:

Love the art! I look forward to working with you on a CD cover. Talk to you soon!
Homepage: Ghostnote Studio

It was on Sunday, May 25, 2003 and the time was 06:36:46 when Elisabeth K wrote:

Mycket härliga bilder. Jag ska spara din hemsidesadress på min länksida, så jag kan titta in fler ggr. Du är välkommen att hälsa på min sida om du vill... :-)
Homepage: Elisabeths art

It was on Saturday, May 24, 2003 and the time was 22:37:31 when Jerry wrote:

what a beautiful site !
Many many greetings from Germany ;-)

It was on Sunday, May 18, 2003 and the time was 11:43:02 when Mella wrote:

esto es una sorpresa hermosa: ­Viajo de tal manera por el WWW y la tierra con usted! por coincidencia est este mi segundo viaje en su Website. ­Debo volverme y ver ‚pocas, qu‚ lo conduce de tal manera aqu¡! adi¢s

It was on Sunday, May 18, 2003 and the time was 08:09:59 when mugu wrote:

i love this mugu site

It was on Thursday, May 15, 2003 and the time was 00:17:57 when James Burns wrote:

Fantastic pictures of the middle east!

It was on Tuesday, May 13, 2003 and the time was 20:34:21 when Klasse wrote:

En eloge till den information du lagt upp om spyware.
Gator gömmer sig ju dessutom bakom små utilityprogram som ser väldigt ofarliga ut som tidsynkronisering m.m. (har itne namnet på programmen i huvudet nu.)

It was on Wednesday, May 7, 2003 and the time was 21:46:04 when heleca wrote:

Du har en jätte fin hemsida som jag tycker är värd att surfa till. Såklart så hamnar du bland mina favoriter bland hemmisar. Kram från Heleca
Homepage: Helecas Sidor

It was on Monday, May 5, 2003 and the time was 17:54:34 when didi wrote:

i love you will you marry me

Reply: No way, you only want me for my rockets!

Homepage: momma mia

It was on Sunday, May 4, 2003 and the time was 22:41:57 when lucy wrote:

hi need more middle east pictures ok

It was on Wednesday, April 30, 2003 and the time was 12:31:06 when steffa wrote:

fullt ös-medvetslös


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