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Magnum Opus

Older paintings and sculptures

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 the picture / the image / the painting THE ACTIVATOR TRIPTYCH:<small><br>-THE KILLER OF CAUSALITY<br>-THE COSMIC WEDDING<br>-ON IRON JOHN'S SHOULDERS</small>


186 X 100 cm (73'' X 39'')
Oil and acrylic on wood, gloss varnish.
Sold or not available.


This painting shows the spiritual growth of humanity / a human being.

In the first of the three paintings, the Killer Of Causality, a thunderbolt hits a tower, then bounces off the ground and hits a second tower. The symbol is similar to the "Tower"-card of the Tarot-deck. People build shells of assumptions and beliefs, protective towers, around themselves and believe to be safe from the world/reality in there. Of course this gives evil or changing forces a great chance to make a hit, symbolized by the lightning, which either awakens or destroys the sleepers in the towers. After the lightning has turned one tower into rubble it bounces on the ground and hits another tower. People in the towers fall toward the ground which consists of a dark landscape where strange creatures dwell.
The first painting describes how people build protective towers of imagination (Life is this, life is that, life is worthless, you can't do that!, this is the way the world is, hey, I'm educated! I have my grades, etc.) which they inhabit in false security. Sooner or later something crushes this tower leaving its inhabitants to crawl around in despair for a while. They will keep doing this until they die, build a new tower or raise from the ashes, born again, which will take them to the next painting.

The second painting consists of a row of beings with a golden sun at the top. Below the sun is a bluefaced angel with the planet Mercury in his forehead and three keys around his neck. Under him is a brownfaced woman with Venus in her forehead and a white horse in a necklace around her neck. At the bottom there is a man with a burning sword in his right hand and some waterfilled geometrical figures in his left. Through his body are the rest of the planets of our solar system. The Earth is in his forehead, Mars is in his throat, Jupiter is in his heart, Saturn is in his solar plexus, Uranus is in his stomach, Neptune is in his lower body and Pluto is in his crotch. There is nothing above this sun because this sun doesn't have a north pole to attract things with.

This painting shows the human that has found herself (symbolically of course). It pictures, from top to bottom, The Centre Of The Self (The Sun, which we all are rays from, well, some sun anyway), The Superego (Mercury), The Subconsciousness (Venus), and the Dayconsciousness (Earth). The rest of the planets symbolise different energy centres in the body.

In the last painting a man sits on a white horse on the highest of three hills under a rainbow. He looks out towards a dreamlike green landscape. On the hills there are small holes with vertebras in. Ribs stick up out of the ground. The last painting shows the situation when you have passed through all of this, won over ignorance and evil forces, then the world opens up for you and all you have to do is ride out in Tir Nan Og under the rainbow on your white horsie (your cleared consciousness in this case).