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168 X 118 cm (66'' X 46'')
Oil and acrylic on wood, gloss varnish.
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Two men fight, one has a sword and the other has a spear. They look quite similar to each other.

Yes, one might be the good guy and the other is perhaps the bad guy, but you never know who is who. The spear is a symbol of evil that can be used by the good side also. The legend tells about the Spear of Longhirin that was the only weapon on earth that could kill the messiah, the son of God. According to ancient legends Jesus had to be killed on the cross to fulfil the prophesies dealing with him. The blind legionnaire Longhirin was guarding Jesus when he heard that order had been given to crush the lower shins on the crucified prisoners, a standard procedure to make them die quicker. Longhirin knew that one of the main prophecies about the saviour told that no bones would be crushed on the messiah. In order to fulfil this prophecy Longhirin stabbed Jesus in the side with his spear so that he died before the order to crush his legs was carried out. Even if the Spear of Longhirin was one of the evil's most powerful weapons Longhirin used it to carry out God's will. Longhirin was later canonised for that.

It's also told that the one that owns the Spear of Longhirin controls the material world. A bird once wispered in my ear that Hitler was very interested to lay his hands on it, but that's another story. The spear which is now kept in Switzerland is not the spear of Longhirin in it self, but a puzzle. The spear-head dates from about 700AD, but in the spearhead is a wedge fastened, in the wedge is a nail melted in. The nail dates back from the time of Christ and perhaps it is this nail which is the actual "spear".

The sword is on the other hand the good side's most powerful weapon. In reality this sword is a human that has climbed through the cabalistic Tree of Life in a particular way and then has become God's flaming sword; a living weapon. But just as the Spear of Longhirin can be used by the righteous, the Burning Sword of God can be used by the wicked.

Feel a great sorrow over how tales and myths has tainted and bent our civilization and our minds to the extent that sometimes even reality can't put us straight again.