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Magnum Opus

Older paintings and sculptures

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80 X 122 cm (31'' X 48'')
Oil and acrylic on wood, gloss varnish.
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A man dressed in white stands in something that both looks like a sea and a complicated chessboard with hexagons instead of squares. In front of him stands a man dressed in black with his back towards the beholder. Like two poles of the painting are two suns, a golden sun surrounded by a rainbow at the top and a red sun one at the bottom. Four creatures surround the "chessboard"; a glowing lion, a lilac griffin, a blue sphinx and a red glowing bull. In the chessboard you can see the universe embedded and the man in white points at The Earth (which is way out of scale). From The Earth white birds fly into a bright landscape up to the golden sun where they are transformed into manlike beings behind the man dressed in white. In the opposite way fish swim from The Earth downwards towards the red sun.
In the middle of the board a lotus flower springs out with its roots winding down into the darkness.
Tortoises and other creatures swim in the sea.

This painting describes the universe. Our world, what we call "the universe" is just a reflection in the mirror of the water in this other world. The four creatures symbolise the matter. The Lion symbolises fire; matter in changing, matter that repells things. The Griffin symbolises air; matter in form of gas, matter that forms around burning matter, that which burning matter correspond through. The Sphinx symbolises water; matter in floating form, matter that form around stiffened matter, that which stiffened matter correspond trough, The Bull symbolises earth; stiffened matter, matter that attracts other matter; gravitation.
The hexagons on the chessboard symbolise the six directions of our material world, you can go up, down, left, right, forward and backward (well, you can go into your mind and into my paintings too, but that's something completely different).
The triangle at the top of the mountain in the middle is a tetraktys, tetraktlysis, a figure that makes two-dimensional things three-dimensional. If you draw lines between the dots you will soon find out how to make the basic three-dimensional shapes, cubes, dodecahedrons etc. The birds flying towards the golden sun are the souls of The Earth that belongs to the Northern Sun and the fish are the souls of The Earth that belongs to the Red Sun. When fish and birds meet the result is sooner or later death.
The title Nom is a sound that causes things in silent rooms.

The shimmering flying creature beside the lion (to the left in the middle of the painting) is just a paradox.